Spektrum RC Radios, Servos & Receivers

One of the most popular RC transmitter manufacturers, Spektrum, creates only the highest quality products! Check out our online inventory of Spektrum RC controllers, remotes and other RC control gear. If you’ve ever taken a RC vehicle out for a spin before, you know how important quality RC steering and maneuvering is. Spektrum radios have far-reaching range and reliability, making them the ideal choice for long-distance RC vehicle enthusiasts. No longer do you need to worry about your RC vehicle going out of range of your transmitter.

These transmitters are able to project their signal a great distance; the Spektrum servos rapidly adjust to the user’s commands and move the steering mechanism in the direction you want your vehicles to go. Spektrum servos are light and won’t bog your vehicle down due to size or weight. Some of our Spektrum airplane transmitter products come with wireless trainer function and voice alerts, making them the most quality options available on the market by far. Finally, our Spektrum receiver products are built to withstand the abuse of RC truck bashers and 3D aircraft pilots alike.