Spektrum RC Radios, Servos & Receivers

You’ve probably come to the conclusion that one transmitter or receiver system is essentially the same as all the others. Engineers can only design a radio in so many different ways, so it’s easy to get jaded.

Naturally, those of us at the RC Superstore have seen our fair share of different transmitter and receiver pairs come and go. That being said, you’ll certainly want to look into the Spektrum series. They offer a number of features you’re not going to see anywhere else.

Spektrum Radios & Servos

Whether you’re doing a rebuild or getting a new model going, you’ll quite possibly find what you’re looking for with even the most cursory of glances at Spektrum’s impressive product line.

Spektrum DX5 Rugged DSMR Transmitter

With built-in telemetry, a non-slip removable rubber handgrip, and a simple capacitive touch control panel, the DX5 has made a name for itself as a rather user-friendly unit as well as one that can hold up to a fair amount of heavy usage due to its advanced design. You’ll certainly want to look into it if you’re trying to pair up an extremely durable vehicle with an equally durable radio design.

Spektrum DX5C Smart 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter

Scale model operators who are looking for a kit that includes just the transmitter will certainly appreciate this DX5C kit. It operates on five different channels, which helps to drastically reduce the risk of interfering with other RC pilots and motorists. That makes it an especially popular option for those who get together to race or perform stunts in groups.

Spektrum DX6e 6-Channel Transmitter

If you need to really make sure that you’ve cut back on interference as much as possible, then you’ll certainly want to look into the DX6e. Adding one single additional channel doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a big difference. Best of all, the onboard memory system stores up to 250 different models. As far as they go, that’s essentially an unlimited number. This affordable radio is a great option for many Bind-N-Fly aircraft.

Spektrum AR620 6-Channel Sport Air Receiver

Model pilots who are looking for something to pair with a six-channel transmitter will certainly want to look into one of these, which offers a surprisingly low latency of around 11 milliseconds and a standard frame rate of 22 milliseconds. It’s ideal for an overwhelming majority of aircraft, which includes those models designed for indoor slow flying.

Spektrum SR215 DSMR 2-Channel Receiver

Those who are looking for something that might be deemed a bit simpler can take a look into the SR215 receiver. These are the perfect option to drop in as an upgrade for RTR vehicles when switching over to Spektrum electronics. While you might think it’s considerably easier to work with a piece of hardware, and it is quite user-friendly, you shouldn’t at all think that the design in question in underpowered. It’s ideal for nearly any surface RC model and is built with genuine DSMR technology that’s flexible when it comes to frequency. That’s good news for those in electrically noisy environments with a lot of stray RF causing issues.
Chances are that there’s a stock Spektrum radio system that will work for you. If you’ve got any special concerns, then we invite you to contact us online and tell us more so we can find you the parts you need.