Traxxas X-Maxx

Find your Traxxas X-Maxx truck here. At RC Superstore, we have the models, parts, batteries, and chargers that can keep you on the road.

Traxxas is our top brand for RC vehicles. We love how different models are designed to suit various customer desires and skill levels. The Traxxas XMaxx is capable of high speeds and built tough, making it the ultimate large scale basher.

Monster Trucks With A Need For Speed

Each truck comes with a brushless electric motor, upgraded driveshafts, and gears. Standard Traxxas features include stability management and self-righting capabilities. You can get your vehicle back on track when it flips on the course.

The Traxxas X-Maxx 8S 4WD RC Monster Truck is one of our top recommendations and best-selling models. This model is ready-to-run (RTR) and can be tuned for experts or beginner RC enthusiasts. Just add the batteries and charger, and you will be able to take it for a test drive immediately.

Want a deal on a money-saving combo?, then the Traxxas X-Maxx 8S 4WD RTR Monster Truck Combo with two batteries and a quick-charger is perfect for you. You’ll see thirty volts of power used when you mash the throttle and the whole body of this beast measures at thirty inches. The onboard electronics are waterproof and perfect for any condition.

How about for when you want to make an upgrade? You need the right tools that are specialized for the job. RC Superstore has you covered on that front with the Traxxas toolset. Adjust your nuts, screws, and bolts with the screwdrivers and wrenches involved. The portable carrying case ensures that you can make repairs or upgrades at any time, and at any location.

The Traxxas Tough Standards

When you want a mammoth-sized RC monster truck, then the X-Maxx has you covered. You can get all the power you need for the road. The XMaxx is designed for strength and agility so that you can tear down the racecourse with finesse and reach that finish line first. Speed and power come with each truck; each uses at least thirty volts of electricity to get the tires running.

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) is another great feature that you will receive. Monster trucks are meant to be driven off the road and on trails that may not prove friendly for normal tires. Stability management means that you maintain control of the truck in such conditions while using your radio control. Navigate on the muddiest, rainiest and snowiest of days. You can keep driving in any season.

In addition, you get innovation. Traxxas engineers are never satisfied with one single model. They keep tinkering with the design to come up with better off-road bashing machines.

Find Your Ride At RC Superstore

RC Superstore has helped beginners, intermediates and experts with remote-control vehicles match up with the perfect miniature model. Our experts know if you will do better with an RTR model or if you’ll want some extra upgrades to get those high mph speeds.

Contact us today to get your Traxxas vehicle or RC boat. We’ll be very happy to satisfy your need for speed and provide jaw-dropping visuals. Stay on the road or in the water, with our help.