RC Electric Motors & ESCs

We have a variety of the finest RC electric motors, ESCs, pinion gears, and cooling fans for sale today all available for your RC vehicles at low cost! Shop from the best brands and longest-lasting replacement motors the market has to offer. At RC Superstore, you'll only find the best our brushless RC motor and electronic speed controller products are durable and come from quality manufacturers. We've got the right replacement parts for your RC truck or car, whether you're looking for speed controls or motors to get your 2WD or 4WD vehicles back on the road.

RC Electric and Brushless Motors

Traditional electric motors have small parts called commutators that allow them to function based on the amount of operating voltage that's applied to their terminals. Brushless motors forgo these parts. They're a newer design that's become quite popular in the field of modeling since they require much less in the way of maintenance. At the RC Superstore, we've made sure to stock plenty of components for individuals who drive any kind of truck, including those that need electronic speed control.

Some models continue to mount brushed motors like they have for most of history.That being said, the most reliable and modern motors are likely to incorporate only brushless technology, which makes them much easier for individual enthusiasts to use. These are even popular with those who build their own equipment from kits, so you're likely to see them in almost any specific type of context that you could think of.

ESC for Brushless Motor

Some designs need an exterior ESC system to allow drivers to control their models. These have become common among those who drive radio controlled race cars and trucks as well as those who manage aircraft and other vehicles. As a result, these have become extremely popular additions to parts boxes for those who want to maintain a large fleet of different types of RC vehicles.

You might want to continue stocking up on a few ESC modules, especially if you're the type to often have to swap out equipment while you're in the field. They're relatively light and easy to transport, which makes them an ideal addition to your toolkit. Depending on the specific type of vehicles you use and the style of operation you prefer, you could keep some with your spare wheels and tires.

For that matter, you might even consider investing in a few motors.

Remote Control Car Motor

Eventually, even the best-designed radio control vehicle motor is going to wear out, so you'll want to have a few spares on hand in case this happens to you. That being said, a number of modelers actually invest in extra components simply to tinker around with their vehicles.

Quite a few companies, including Traxxas, give end-users the freedom to swap out motors. If your current vehicle features something that's a little under-powered, then it's easy to swap in something that could put out a bit more torque. You might consider using one motor for rock climbing and another for racing because there's always a horsepower curve to deal with if you're trying to make the call between top speed and acceleration.

On top of this, you might just be interested in getting the best performance out of your particular model. That's another great reason to make sure you have plenty of extra motors on hand.

RC Electric Parts

Our RC Electric motors are high performance and suitable for all kinds of RC vehicles including 1/10 scale touring cars, buggies, and trucks. Many can power your vehicle to speeds over 60 MPH in combination with the right battery and gearing. Looking for a Traxxas replacement motor that generates the power you need to take your RC buggy or monster truck off-road? We have the low-cost, quality RC power systems that you've been looking for, all at the best discounts available today. RC Superstore also offers brushless RC motor systems that tick all the boxes - waterproof, high KV motor, and various LiPo battery levels.

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