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RC cars and trucks are some of the most popular sellers available at RC Superstore. We want to help you explore the road, on a smaller scale. You don't have to settle for models from the toy store. RC Superstore will help you get driving. Browse to find out if you want a giant scale RC monster truck, an on-road muscle car, a scale rock crawler, or a short course racing truck.

Why Purchase a RC Car?

RC cars aren't just for kids. In fact, our models are meant for all ages. You can be a college graduate looking for a hobby after receiving your diploma, or a parent wanting to find a skill-building activity that fits any budget and has a small learning curve.

Do you like renovating cars, but lack the time to buy lemons and work on them? Our cars provide an excellent alternative to purchasing that vintage Volvo from a dealer or junkyard. You can get a smaller model up and running, all by your own effort.

Encourage more time outside, by adding some technology to the mix. You can drive your car or truck along garden paths, without having to abide by speed limits. Studies show that people who spend a few minutes outside with greenery are happier and able to wind down after a long day. Just watch out for animal pedestrians, like lizards and squirrels. You don't want a thrill-seeking squirrel running across the road before your monster truck can hit the brakes.

You can also improve your hand-eye coordination by operating an RC car or truck. When driving along on three-dimensional terrain, you have to ensure that the car will drive in the direction that you want it to go, from a distance.

For families, RC cars and trucks combine fun with education and a sense of responsibility. You can clean, assemble, and replace parts on these vehicles. If your kids are really passionate about RC cars, you'll find out when they have to check on the tires or gears.

What about beyond your family? You can make RC races a regular event with the neighbors, or even organize a school team for your kids. All you have to do is create a group on Meetup to find interested and like-minded individuals. It starts with one car and can end with a road race that rivals any Grand Prix.

Your Options at RC Superstore

Are you looking for gas-powered RC cars or electric RC trucks that run on battery power? You will find a wide variety of different vehicles and options to choose from when shopping at the RC Superstore. With only the very best brands to choose from, customers will not be disappointed with their purchases. Decide if you want a radio-controlled vehicle that runs on electricity or nitro fuel.

We support the top manufacturers in the RC car industry - Traxxas and LaTrax. In addition to Ready-to-Run remote control cars, customers will also find remote control truck kits. That way if you want to go beyond the standard RTR models, you can use our kits to build the ultimate custom vehicle.

You can build your very own RC vehicles with ease. Teach your kids about engineering, or take up the hobby to relax your mind. Taking apart machines that can easily go back together can relieve daily stress from your job or routines.

Find RC Car & Truck Parts, Kits & Much More!

RC Superstore does not just carry remote control cars for kids, but also specializes in top of the line RC cars for adults. Take your RC car or truck to the streets and watch as it zooms around at high speeds with its electric motor or nitro engine. Some RC cars and trucks are even able to go on off-road adventures, providing you with whole new and exciting experiences. In addition, customers can also shop for remote control car parts such as replacement bodies, wheels, tires, and performance upgrades for their vehicles.

Learn More From RC Superstore

Are you ready to take one of our RC vehicles out for a test drive? We want to give you a feel for having the remote in your hands, and the thrill of the hobby.

Reach out to us today to find out more about our vehicles. We can introduce you to your first RC, the thrill of driving it outside or supply you with the parts to keep your RC on the road.