Traxxas Telemetry GPS Speed Module for TQi Radio

  • Traxxas Telemetry GPS Speed Module for TQi Radio
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Model: TRA6551
This is the Traxxas GPS Speed Telemetry Module for use with TQi radio systems. Standard telemetry sensors use your model's gear ratio and tire size to calculate its speed based on RPM. Using the Telemetry Expander and the GPS speed module, vehicle speed can be captured and displaced easily and more accurately. The Traxxas GPS speed module uses global positioning satellites to deliver precise, real-time speed information via the Traxxas Link App on your TQi Radio System with Traxxas Link Wireless Module or Docking Base.


  • Uses Global Positioning Satellites for accurate, real-time speed
  • Speed readout not affected by gear ratio or tire-size
  • Easy plug and play installation; no programming required
  • Waterproof when installed
  • Automatically detected and configured by the Traxxas Link app
The GPS speed module easily installs inside the waterproof Telemetry Expander Module (#6550, sold separately) and is recognized automatically by the Traxxas Link App. No other programming or setup is required! Once the GPS module is installed in the Telemetry Expander, the speedometer reverts to the GPS speed instead of estimating the MPH based on gearing and motor RPM. Nothing has to be reset to start reporting and recording speed; just select the gauge that you want to be displayed and you're all set!


Must be used with TQi radio equipped with Wireless Module #6511 or Docking Base #6510
Telemetry Expander #6550

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