Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler (New Case)

  • Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke Engine w/Muffler (New Case)
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Model: SAIE082B

This is the Saito .82 AAC 4-Stroke Engine with Muffler (New Case)


  • Redesigned crankcase adds to the durability of the engine with no change in performance
  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Same size case as the Saito .72

Type: 4-stroke
Displacement: .82 cu in (13.80cc)
Bore: 1.14 in (29.0mm)
Stroke: 0.80 in (20.40mm)
Cylinders: Single - Chrome Plated
Total Weight: 17.6 oz
Engine (Only) Weight: 16.0 oz
Muffler Weight: 1.6 oz
Crankshaft Threads: M7 x 1mm
Benchmark Prop: 13 x 8 APC
Prop Range: 12 x 8–15 x 4
RPM Range: 2,000–12,000
Fuel: 10%–30% Synthetic
Mounting Dimensions: 104 x 56 x 111mm
Muffler Type: Cast
Cylinder Type: AAC
Carb Type: Barrel, 2-needle valve
Crank Type: Ball bearing

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