RC Boats for Adults & Kids!

Explore the thrill of the water with your very own RC boat. These high-quality boats enable customers to quickly zoom around the water with ease without going out of range. RC Superstore carries the best RC boats for your aquatic enjoyment.

These brands specialize in some of the very best RC boat kits around. One brand that you will find while shopping here is Traxxas. We love how Traxxas RC boats cut through the water and give life to every boating activity.

Are you looking for an entry-level electric RC boat for kids or a high-performance brushless RC boat for adults? You will find it all at RC Superstore. We have the models you need, for beginners and for those skippers that want to upgrade. Cut through the water and enjoy a leisurely or fast ride along the waves.

Get High Speed, Without Diving In The Water!

Lakes and oceans are naturally soothing. We love seeing the waves lapping up on the shore, or ducks placidly floating along. There's a reason why Henry David Thoreau spent several years by Walden Pond and later wrote a book about his meditations. We may even be tempted to dip our toes into the water.

RC boats allow you to enjoy the water and keep your family safe on the shore. Use the remote to dart your boat in and out of the rapids. You won't have to dive in, as long as you keep an eye on the battery power level. Some boats can even notify you of the remaining battery level with a dashboard on your smartphone!

What's more, you can enjoy owning a boat without the hassles of maintaining a large yacht. You won't have to worry about barnacles, license registration, or expensive repair costs. Simply sit back and watch the rooster tail as the boat shoots across the water.

The Power of RC Boats

This hobby is quite relaxing and is easy to learn. You only need to drive the boat. If you want to do more, adding accessories and upgrades is also relaxing, and builds hand-eye coordination.

You can also get creative with tiny powerboats if you have artists in the family. Are your kids filming a high-speed chase for a student project? You can give them special effects on a regular basis, and within a smaller budget. They can film dramatic boat showdowns.

Do you want to emulate nature photographers and get footage of the birds up close? Simply attach a camera mount to one of your boats and sail it within a few feet of the wildlife. You can get all the footage you need for viral nature videos.

For all your RC boat needs, RC Superstore guarantees the very best prices on quality remote control products. Be sure to check out our combo packages for discounts on your next high-performance boat.

Customize Your RC Boat with our Advanced Accessories

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the RC boats we sell are fully upgradeable. Sometimes the accessory may be as simple as some extra grease for the prop shaft, or aluminum upgrades for an extra-sharp look! Other times you can go beyond the basics to improve the cooling system or the batteries. Your race boats may soon be humming with potential, and you will be waiting in anticipation.

You can't go wrong with Traxxas Marine Grease. This tube holds the grease you need to keep your RC boat running. Use regularly for maintenance. At the next boat race, your boat will navigate the choppy waters and beat the other contenders.

The Traxxas Link Bluetooth Wireless Module is a great help for when you want to optimize boat performance. Connect with your iPhone, iPad or Android. Add additional telemetry sensors to the boat and you will get real-time information on your boat performance with this module, including speed, battery voltage, and motor temperature to help fine-tune your machine.

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From slow sailboats to fast speed boats and remote control boat parts for your watercraft, there's no better place to shop than at RC Superstore.

Reach out to us today. Our boat and RC car experts can help you get started with basic models, or recommend what upgrades will look cool.