RTF & Bind-N-Fly Quadcopters & Helicopters

If you're looking for a ready-to-fly RC quadcopter (RTF) or helicopter requiring minimal assembly, you're in the right place. We want to help you get in the air, and have fun while doing it.

Welcome to the RC Superstore's RTF drone and BNF helicopter category. We carry all the top brands: Traxxas, E-Flite, and Blade. Peruse each product and find one suited to your skill. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can find the quadcopter or helicopter to suit your skill level. We can also make recommendations if you want to add some upgrades to your flier.

Our Bind-n-Fly (BNF) helicopters are nearly RTF. Each model requires a transmitter to be bound to the unit, with some requiring a battery and charger as well. Then you can be flipping, looping and tumbling in no time! Take advantage of what these incredible helicopters are capable of.

Remote Controlled Flying Machines

Taking to the skies has proven liberating to many people. Not all of us can travel by plane or helicopter all the time, but we can find ways to enjoy the open breeze and a great height from the ground.

Remote control helicopters and planes provide a hobby. Each machine allows us to reach for the sky, and maybe even attempt to grasp it. While we stay on the ground, our flying machines certainly do not. They can explore the yards around them.

Helicopters are really cool because, unlike planes, they can turn and flip in all directions. If a remote-control plane goes too high with the nose, it can stall, and then collapse to the ground. You can reach the limits of your helicopter’s heights, and stall less often as long as you avoid the strange angles.

Quadcopters are also cool because of their potential as drones. They may not have the helicopter shape, but they can span vast distances and have great adventures. A transmitter functions as a remote control, and you can attach a camera to get noteworthy video footage.

Consider what you can do as a family, or as a group of kids. Families can engage in campaigns to make Easter egg hunts more tech-driven, while teachers can apply the principles of physics to flight and show students real-world problems. For your local club, hobbyists can test the limits for their machines.

In one video that went viral, a Renaissance reenactor in Russia shot down a drone that was hovering over an event. The drone’s owner was a good sport, and the company made a runestone covering the encounter. You can craft similar stories when interacting with other people, and gain memories that last a lifetime. All it takes is one quadcopter, or helicopter, and the right pilot.

Our easy-to-fly quadcopters come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Whether you’re looking to spend only a few dollars on a flying helicopter toy or a few hundred on the Traxxas Aton RC Stunt Drone, RC Superstore has what you seek to launch into the air and seize the day.

Learn More About RC Helicopters And Quadcopters From RC Superstore

RC Superstore aims to educate and entertain. Remote-control vehicles are a relaxing hobby with a low learning curve. Each model goes past the “toy” standard. RC vehicles allow you to see new perspectives on our world. While with cars we get a smaller view of the road, with quadcopters and helicopters we can fly vicariously, and enjoy.

Buy an RTF quadcopter drone today and cruise the skies in style. Or reach out to us today to learn how to get started with your RC vehicles. We are always happy to help and to provide the juice you need to hit the sky.

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