LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter

  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
  • LaTrax Alias RTF Quadcopter for Beginners to Experts
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Model: TRA6608

This is the LaTrax Alias High-Performance Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter Drone. Everything you need to get the Alias flying is included right in the box!


  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • Quad-rotor thrust with auto-leveling 6-axis flight system
  • Four high-output motors
  • High-tech molded frame
  • Integrated bright, colorful LEDs
  • High-capacity 650mAh LiPo battery
  • USB-powered battery charger
  • Multiple patents pending

Quad Rotor Flight Re-imagined, More Powerful, More Durable, More Fun!
Alias is a clean-sheet design that focuses on the performance and design elements that make flying, and even learning to fly, fun. The first mission objective was durability. Alias is built around a unique molded-composite frame that is combined with clever high-tech construction to make it extremely light and virtually indestructible. Your flying fun goes on and on without worrying about breakage from crash damage. The next mission was performance. Fun always comes from having more power so Alias' motors have 50% more power than standard motors, and when combined with the lightweight design and high-tech materials, Alias is lightning quick and ultra-responsive. A completely new flight control system was developed that provides unmatched 6-axis stability that works in the background without impacting performance and speed. It acts like a virtual spring that snaps Alias back to level controlled flight no matter what situation you find yourself in. New pilots can fly faster and perform aerobatic maneuvers sooner than they ever thought possible with Alias' unique flight control system.

Form follows function with Alias' fun and purposeful style. Superior visibility is enhanced by special high intensity LED optics that clearly define the shape of Alias and can be seen from above or below. The lights are so bright and colorful that Alias makes a whole new world of night flight possible. Special colors for the blades and the canopy were formulated to look sharp and aid visibility from a distance. The elevated rotors prevent tangles when landing in grass. The sleek styling of the frame actually adds strength while minimizing weight.

Alias' ergonomic transmitter design was not overlooked as part of the total flying experience. It takes a cue from game controller design that's made for hours of comfortable use. Even the thumb pads on the gimbals contribute to the more comfortable, relaxed flying position. The precision gimbals are precisely tuned to the flight software to give the pilot a one-to-one connected feel with the Alias. Alias immediately builds pilot confidence as it responds precisely to the transmitter inputs.

Alias is uniquely engineered to satisfy the needs of both new pilots who want to experience the fun of flying and experienced pilots who want a fun and relaxing way to sharpen their skills. Thoughtful design touches abound including the telemetry powered battery fuel gauge that provides visual and audible alerts when it's time to recharge the flight battery. Technology is utilized the right way to enhance performance, maximize durability, increase flight time, and make Alias easy to fly. Alias model 6608 comes fully assembled and ready-to-fly in one of 4 fun colors. Included are a 650mAh LiPo flight battery, a high-output USB fast charger, and four AAA batteries for the transmitter.

Auto-Leveling Six-Axis Flight System
Alias is equipped with unique, proprietary flight control software that delivers full six axis control. The flight system acts like a virtual spring that always snaps the Alias back to level flight when the controls are released. With the system in Easy mode, anyone can quickly master hovering and flying - just minutes after takeoff! The software was finely tuned to work transparently in the background to add fun and stability to flight while still maintaining Alias' quick, responsive control and connected feel with the pilot.

Three Flight Modes
Alias is equipped with 3 flight modes. Easy mode takes full advantage of the auto-leveling flight control software for rock-solid stability. In Easy mode, flight angles are limited to keep the speed in check while new pilots are developing their skill. In Fast mode, the auto-leveling flight system is still working for you, but Alias' full speed potential is unlocked, along with the ability to perform exciting aerobatic flips, twists, and rolls at the press of a button. Expert mode disables the auto-leveling flight software to give the pilot full manual control. Alias shines in Expert mode with responsive, linear control that will satisfy veteran pilots. Alias can even help developing pilots to sharpen their skills without worrying about crash damage or breakage before moving on to costly, pro-level helis.

Virtually Indestructible
Alias is engineered for having fun, which means practically eliminating down time and costly repairs due to crash damage. Alias is equipped with a unique, molded-composite frame that is virtually indestructible. Whether you are just learning to fly or an experienced pilot pushing the envelope, crashing is inevitable. Alias is made to withstand impacts along the way for worry-free flying fun that goes on and on.

High Intensity LED Optics
Visibility is critical for discerning the orientation and flight direction of a quad-rotor heli. Alias offers maximum visibility, day or night, with colorful high-intensity LED optics. When the sun goes down, the unique lens design and brilliant LEDs light up the sky, clearly defining the outline of the Alias and making incredible night flying experiences possible.

High-Output Motors
The LaTrax Alias includes four independently controlled, high-output motors - with 50% more power than standard motors. This extra power gives the Alias impressive quad-rotor thrust for performing high-speed flight maneuvers. Directional control is easy to achieve by varying the power and thrust from each motor. The high-mounted drive system elevates the props and the gears preventing them from getting tangled in grass and other surface debris when the Alias is swooping down near the ground.

Custom Colors
The rotor blades, LED lenses, and canopies of the LaTrax Alias are all interchangeable, and allow full customization of the helicopter colors. Accessory rotor blades, LED lenses and canopies are available in exciting colors such as Rally Red, Victory Green, Brilliant Blue, and Speed Orange. You can give your Alias a whole new look in just minutes!

2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter
Comfortable ergonomics and precision control were the priorities when it came time to design the Alias transmitter. Alias is able to fly for long periods of time, so the transmitter is lightweight and fits comfortably in your hands. Out of the box, thumb pads are installed on the gimbals for easy, relaxed flying, much like what you would expect from a video game controller. For traditional pilots, sticks are provided and can be easily installed. The gimbals themselves were carefully selected to provide very precise control, with just the right spring pressure and linear feel across the entire range of motion. These gimbals are precisely tuned to the flight software to give the pilot a one-to-one connected feel with the Alias. Alias immediately builds pilot confidence as it responds accurately to the transmitter inputs.

Functionally, the transmitter is also designed to enhance your flying fun by simply being easy to use. The 2.4GHz control means you never have to worry about your radio interfering with others. Just turn on the power and you're always connected. There is no external antenna to break off or worry over. A detailed LCD screen provides clear information and visually guides you through the transmitter menu functions if you choose to customize how your Alias flies.

Telemetry Enabled Battery Fuel Gauge
The Transmitter receives telemetry information from the Alias, and provides visible and audible alerts when the battery charge level in the Alias is low. This alert gives you time to safely fly the Alias back to you when it is time to recharge the battery. It sounds simple, but it's details like this that were engineered to work together to make your flying experience as easy and fun as possible.

Exciting Push-Button Aerobatics
The high thrust, low weight, and incredibly responsive control of the LaTrax Alias allow you to perform amazing maneuvers with just a press of a button and a flick of the stick. These maneuvers typically take pilots hours of flight time to perfect, and LaTrax makes them available to you right out of the box. They can be performed in succession for impressive freestyle air shows.

Flips and Rolls: Alias is programmed to perform single flips and rolls by simply pressing a button and moving the flight stick in the direction you want to flip or roll. Forward or back flips, left or right rolls, and even diagonal flips are possible. Alias can even be programmed to perform 3 or even 5 flips or rolls at a time and recover to level flight.

Twister: Alias will rotate around its center axis (yaw) while still maintaining a virtual heading lock and normal flight control. This is an extremely difficult maneuver that even veteran pilots struggle to perform. Alias does it at the press of a button while you continue to fly normally.

Expert Mode: For all of you pro pilots out there, turn up the rates to their maximum settings in Expert mode, and attempt all these maneuvers manually. Alias lets pro pilots push their skills to the limit without fear of costly breakage from crashing. Alias has the durability, power, and responsiveness to grow your skill as you become a quad-rotor ace.

LiPo-Powered for Maximum Flight Time
To maximize flight time and fun, Alias includes a 650mAh LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery pack. LiPo is the best technology for Alias, delivering high-current output and plenty of capacity in a compact lightweight package. Flight times as long as 15 minutes are possible. Battery installation is simple; just slide the battery into the slot, plug it in, and tuck the connector into the special clip.

High-Output USB Fast Charger
The Alias is too much fun to wait long between flights, so a USB high-output fast charger is included for the battery. Just plug it into any powered USB port, plug the battery into the charger, and you're on the way to the next takeoff. At full output, charge time for the battery is approximately half an hour. The LED keeps you informed of the battery's charge status for no-guess charging. An optional high-output dual battery charger is also available (sold separately).


Blade Circle: 14.78" (375.30mm)
Rotor Diameter: 5.51" (140mm)
Rotor Center Distance Diagonal: 9.25" (235mm)
Rotor Hub Distance Vertical: 6.54" (166.20mm)
Width: 12.07" (306.50mm)
Overall Height: 1.69" (42.90mm)
Ground Clearance: 0.47" (11.90mm)
Overall Flight Weight (with Battery): 3.53 oz (100g)
Gear Ratio: 11:78
Flight Time: Up to 15 minutes

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