Great Planes ElectriFly Triton Thermal Probe

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Model: GPMM3151

This is the Great Planes ElectriFly Thermal Temperature Probe designed to work with the Great Planes Triton, Triton2, Triton ZX, and the DuraTrax ICE charger.  This will not work with any other chargers.

This Thermal Probe is specifically designed to function with the Triton series (except the Triton Jr.) from Great Planes and the DuraTrax ICE to monitor the temperature of external battery packs.  It is NOT recommended to attempt to use this probe with any other charger. Do NOT attempt to use any other type of Thermal Probe with the Triton series or ICE charger. Heating can adversely affect Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries, reducing their overall effectiveness and lifespan. It is important to keep these battery types relatively cool at all times. Be particularly CAREFUL when handling Lithium-Ion battery packs. MISHANDLING OF LI-ION BATTERIES CAN RESULT IN VIOLENT EXPLOSION AND/OR FIRE AND SERIOUS PROPERTY DAMAGE OR PERSONAL INJURY. Please read all instructions and information included with the Triton charger regarding care and handling of NiMH and Li-Ion batteries. Great Planes WILL NOT be held responsible as a result of failing to heed these warnings, or accountable for any incidental damages to other equipment.

Specifications: Length: 11-1/4" from end to end.

Requires: Plugging into charger

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