RC Brushless Motor Guide: What You Need To Know

27th Oct 2020

An electronically commutated motor assembly, better known as a brushless DC motor, is a basic part of the world of modern RC cars. They’re powered by a supply of DC energy from a battery pack that provides juice to the system until it’s exhausted. They normally offer a higher power-to-weight ratio than traditional brushed motors coupled with higher speeds. The biggest advantage, however, might be in the field of maintenance. Unlike brushed motors, you don’t need to worry about ever-changing out small parts inside of them.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the way that some brushed motor kits seem to go through their brushes very quickly, then these parts are probably the solution for you. That being said, there’s no reason that you couldn’t try brushed motors in a model today if you still needed to.

Nevertheless, you might want to look into kits that allow you to keep your existing hardware working for a long time.

Brushless Motor Rebuild Kits

Depending on the particular type of vehicle that you’re currently driving, there’s a good chance that you can simply rebuild a brushless motor to keep it moving for a longer period of time than you might have ever thought before. For instance, Traxxas makes a brushless motor rebuild kit that fits a wide variety of commercial models that they have on the market.

Those who are working with a VXL Velineon motor mounted to a 1/10-scale model will find that all they have to do is switch out a couple of bearings and two bushings to essentially refresh the motor. Once it has been, no further maintenance will normally be necessary.

You may still want to periodically clean the inside of your RC model car, especially if you’ve been driving it outside or using it on any type of course that could have potentially attracted a large amount of dust or other particulate matter.

Best Brushless RC Motor

While brushless DC motors tend to be far more reliable than most other designs, they can still become damaged by exposure to such material. Wipe the insides out on a regular basis and make sure that the can or other enclosure your motor is in doesn’t have any sort of debris covering it. This can happen, especially to those who have a tendency to race brushless motor-powered vehicles on a somewhat competitive level.

Best of all, you should find that there are more than enough products on the market to support these motor platforms that you can do all of the work yourself with the same kind of tools you already have.

Working on Brushless Motors

In some cases, you’ll simply be able to change out motors that ship wholly inside of can enclosures. In others, you might want to do more work with the actual internal gear. It largely depends on what kinds of vehicles you like to drive and your own particular personal style. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll find everything you need to maintain these small electronic wonders from the RC Superstore so make sure to contact us online today.