Customize Your Traxxas Sledge RC Monster Truck with Exclusive Parts from GPM Racing

Posted by RC Superstore on 22nd Jul 2022

The Traxxas Sledge RC monster truck is engineered to dominate the offroad. Its rock-solid chassis, massive steel drivetrain, ferocious 6s power, and race-inspired handling leave everything else in the dust. Sledge is the only truck in its class with a properly sized, 6s-capable driveline -- with bigger gears and more steel, it’s basically bombproof.

Now, RC Superstore has teamed up with GPM Racing to provide an exclusive line of custom parts for the new Sledge. Every part is available in multiple colors, meaning your rig can rock a totally custom look unlike any other. Let’s look at some of the top-quality parts available exclusively at RC Superstore!

Note: Every single one of these parts is built from upgraded aluminum for both lasting durability and style.

Front and Rear Knuckle Arms

Front Knuckle Arms for SledgeRear Knuckle Arms for Sledge

Aluminum rear knuckle arms for the Traxxas Sledge help stabilize universal joints and bearings and adjust tire angles, providing easy installation and disassembly. The front knuckle arms also assist you in steering, built with a 3D streamline to bring a modern and metallic look to your truck.

Front and Rear Damper Plates

Thicker than stock plates, this upgrade resists deformation and has better fixation. Front damper plates help to stabilize the front upper arms, while the rear damper plates do the same for the rear.

Front/Rear Differential Case

Located at the front and rear differential case of the gearbox, these differential cases are stable, heat resistant, and dissipate heat efficiently due to the material upgrade to aluminum 7075-T6. The front/rear differential case stabilizes and protects the differential gears while helping release heat and looking nicer in the process.

Front and Rear Lower Arm Hardware

A wide assortment of arm hardware adds strength and style. The front and rear hardware system is made with quality lightweight high-tensile strength aluminum, offering greater support and durability. Delrin collars are added to minimize any gapping and to strengthen the fitting, guaranteeing a smoother and more stable drive.

To browse a complete list of parts for your Traxxas Sledge RC monster truck, visit the Sledge page!

Once you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, be sure you get the very best with RC Superstore-exclusive Sledge GPM Racing parts. Ready to make an impression with your ride?  Reach out to our team today.