Best RC Cars For Kids

Posted by RC Superstore on 22nd Aug 2022

Remote control cars are not just an adult hobby anymore. Kids of all ages can now enjoy all the fun that different RC cars offer.

As a parent, you may be thrilled to see that there are RC cars and trucks out there for your kids to use but you may also be wondering, which ones are the best? From slot cars to monster trucks, there is something for all the new young drivers to get their hands on!

Important Things to Consider:

When choosing the best RC cars for kids, it may not be the best option to choose something complex to set up, or one that is expensive and difficult to find replacement parts for.

When looking around it is best to find cars that are RTR (or Ready-to-Run) this means that they are fully assembled and ready to play with right out of the box (although they may need a little charging). There are many different RTR options to choose from like 4x4s, monster trucks, and more.

Another option is slot cars, slot cars are a great activity for the entire family. The tracks are easy to assemble, and kids love watching and racing the cars on the tracks.

Top 5 Best RC Cars and Trucks for Kids

Here is a round-up of our top 5 favorite RC cars and trucks for kids:

1. LaTrax Teton

This is the LaTrax Teton 1/8 scale 4WD Ready-to-Run Monster Truck. This monster truck can easily tackle rugged back-road terrain and is designed to go the distance. With waterproof and all-weather electronic speed control your truck is prepared for any adventure and can drive through any element: streams, mud, snow, you name it.

The Teton comes with off-road tires, mounted on black 5-spoke wheels to handle the steepest and toughest trails. It also comes with oil-filled shocks to keep the suspension in motion.

This truck is perfect for any age, as it comes fully assembled, and painted, includes a 6 cell 7.2V NiMH battery pack and wall charger, and 4 different colors. Everything your child needs is all in the package ready to drive!

2. Traxxas Rustler

The Traxxas Rustler is perfect for kids of all ages. One of the fastest RTR trucks out there, the rustler offers drivers with more power, smoother control, supreme grip strength, and high performance.

This truck is perfect for off-roading because of its powerful titan 12-turn modified 550 motors, XL-5 electronic speed control, and Revo-spec torque.

The Traxxas Rustler comes with waterproof electronics for enhanced protection. This truck is perfect for kids because it comes

To learn more about the recommended accessories and battery/charger options check out the Traxxas Rustler product page.

3. Traxxas 2017 Ford Raptor Slash XL-5 Truck