7 Reasons Why You Need the Traxxas Sledge

Posted by RC Superstore on 2nd Aug 2022

Are you ready to take your RC trucks to the next level? Introducing the new Traxxas Sledge monster truck. Engineered. Tested. Built to a higher standard. Fully assembled and ready to race, this isn’t your basic monster truck, the Traxxas Sledge has redefined what quality, toughness, and fun mean. Here are 7 reasons why you need to add this truck to your RC collection:

1.Engineered for 6s Power:

The Sledge is the only truck in its class to offer a properly sized 6s capable driveline. This means bigger gears and more steel. Basically, the Sledge is bombproof! The Sledge set the bar real high for extreme 6s strength and durability.

2.Superior Chassis Strength:

Designed to have the strongest chassis in its class. With a triangular-based chassis structure, this allows for a deep-formed with a multi-point composite truss system and the patent-pending full-length T-Bar. This will provide a solid foundation for all the other parts. Sledge is strongest where it matters most, a solid foundation.

3.Sledgehammer tires:

Standard and durable equipment, these tires are meant to handle the most. Designed to not bunch up or break down, durable foam inserts are built to last. Patent pending Traxxas innovation improves the tire bonding process to reduce the likelihood of a blown-out reed while still exploring the top-grade capability of the Sledge.

4.Clipless Body

In a matter of a few short seconds, you can remove and replace the body of your Sledge with the new patent-pending clipless body engineered by Traxxas. It’s as easy as one little snap to install. The body is meant to come off when you release it.

5.VXL 6s Power System

The VXL 6s power features new tuning and hardware designed specifically for the 2000kV motor. What does this mean? More power and acceleration you can see and feel. Together, these are designed to produce substantially more power under the curve for increased midrange punch and hard-charging acceleration.

6.High Downforce Wing

Heading somewhere windy? Don’t worry the Sledge puts the wind to work with the high downforce wings. With molded-in wear pads to protect the wing against ground scraping wheelies, your sledge can handle quite literally anything.

7.Rich Prographix Paint

Who doesn’t love a custom look for their things? The prographix paint allows for not only a custom look but also a durable look as well. It is chip and peel-free so you know it will last for the long run.

This truck comes available in four different colors: green, blue, red, and orange meaning you can have a custom truck to fit your style. It also comes in a combo with the 6s lipo and dual charger so you will have everything you need. With a rock-solid chassis, massive steel driving terrain, and ferocious 6s power this truck leaves everything in the dust. Get your Traxxas Sledge today to experience real, serious fun!

Still on the fence about whether you need the Sledge? Reach out to our team today to help answer any questions you may have!