Traxxas Repair: Quick Fixes for Your Traxxas

29th Dec 2021

If you’re experiencing an issue with your Traxxas RC car or truck, there’s a good chance someone else has already fixed the same issue. Are you wondering how to fix a broken, lagging or unresponsive Traxxas RC car?

Here’s a look at some common fixes!

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Basic Traxxas Troubleshooting for When Your RC Car Won’t Start

A Traxxas RC car isn’t necessarily broken due to a mechanical or electrical issue if it’s not starting. Start with essential troubleshooting to rule out a simple diagnosis. Here’s the checklist:

  • Check that both the car and transmitter are turned on.
  • Confirm that the car and transmitter are set to the same channel.
  • Confirm that you’re using the correct transmitter if you’re using more than one RC vehicle at once.
  • Confirm that your batteries are fully charged.
  • Check that the batteries are installed properly.
  • Confirm that a busted battery charger isn’t creating the performance bottleneck.
  • Check that the antenna is fully extended.

Are you still dealing with an unresponsive car after going through this troubleshooting list? It’s possible that you have a mechanical or electrical issue. Take a look at how to diagnose some deeper Traxxas issues.

Wiring Issues: How to Look for an Open Circuit in a Busted Traxxas RC Car

Start with your circuit board. Do all of your connections fully track back to your RC car’s servo, battery and motor with zero gaps? Your Traxxas RC car can’t run if there’s an opening in the circuitry. Exposed and broken wires can be fixed by stripping and soldering the compromised component.

Troubleshooting Your Transmitter

Open the cover on your transmitter to view its circuit board. As a closed-circuit system, your transmitter should have touching contact points at the copper plates. You may be able to get away with an easy fix like bending the metal contacts if you see that your copper plates aren’t touching.

Getting those contacts touching sometimes requires you to clip off screws to cause your circuit board to screw in closer to close the gaps between your metal and your copper plates. Consider a transmitter replacement if troubleshooting doesn’t work.

Checking Your Traxxas RC Car Motor

Look for any pebbles or sand granules that could be stuck in your motor. If your motor appears to have stripped gears, consider gear replacements. Gears that aren’t stripped can sometimes be realigned if the problem is just an alignment problem.

Checking for a Disconnected Steering Arm

If your steering column is disconnected from your servo, you can often use glue for a quick fix. In some cases, wires can also reconnect the two components. While a steering column repair job can usually be done superficially, consider opening up your Traxxas RC car if you’d like more access.

How to Fix a Traxxas RC Car That Isn’t Rebounding

This is likely a mechanical issue stemming from damaged shocks. The fix varies from a replacement to a simple cleaning. Here are the top shock issues to look for while diagnosing your Traxxas RC car or truck:

  • A cracked shock cap that is hemorrhaging oil.
  • Dirty shocks. Shocks can be cleaned with soap and water without being disassembled.
  • Air bubbles caused by not filling up completely after doing an oil change.
  • Rocks and debris stuck between your control arms.

Don’t forget that shock oil should be part of routine Traxxas maintenance. Consider replacing your Traxxas RC car shocks if all of these issues come back clear during diagnostics. In fact, it’s worth considering upgrading several Traxxas RC car parts for better performance if your car is struggling to reach its potential for speed and power.

Find the Best Parts to Fix Your Traxxas at RC Superstore

The best way to keep your Traxxas RC in top shape is to maintain it with reliable parts from RC Superstore. For more information on quick fixes for your Traxxas, reach out to our team today.