Traxxas Battery Guide: How Long Do Traxxas Batteries Last?

29th Nov 2021

If you own any type of radio-controlled vehicle, then you know how important it is to find the perfect power unit to keep you on the track. Traxxas RC is one of the top names in the industry because their RC products are known for their power and performance.

They’ve been around for over 30 years, and they boast a strong history of high-performance RC cars, trucks, boats, and planes that are as reliable as they are durable. Many RC enthusiasts find that Traxxas batteries deliver that same, high-octane reliability and durability straight into their buggies.

Whether you’re a parent looking to get the most out of a new hobby with your child, or one experienced beast of an RC basher, battery knowledge is vital for optimizing your runtime. If you want to minimize downtime, there are a few questions you should be able to answer.

Traxxas Battery Guide: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The battery application guide from Traxxas helps you to decide on the best way to power your RC truck, car, or truggy. It provides information on the ideal power sources, chargers, and expansion to keep you on the road for longer.

However, there are still some questions to consider when choosing your power source. Knowing how long they last, how long they take to charge, and how to get the most out of them empowers you to make informed decisions about whether their cells are worth it.

How Long Do Traxxas Batteries Take to Charge?

Traxxas batteries take around 45 minutes to charge completely with their standard charger. Prepare for long days on the course by including backups in your kit.

How Long Do Traxxas Power Cells Last Between Charges?

Traxxas RC batteries typically last 30-90 minutes, depending on vehicle, terrain, and application (or how long and how hard you push your RC vehicle). However, variables are abundant, so it’s advisable to utilize the Battery Application Guide above to optimize your battery life.

How Long Do Traxxas Power Cells Last in Lifespan?

Traxxas Power Cells typically last 500-1,000 charge-discharge cycles before they require replacement. This also varies, and is largely impacted by the type of Power Cell that you use. For instance, LiPo cells commonly last 300-500 cycles, while the NiMH variants last closer to 1,000 cycles!

How Can You Make Your RC Batteries Last Longer?

Generally, there are three things you can do to prolong the life of your RC batteries:

  1. Follow the battery application guide to find the right power source, charger, and any necessary expansions, for your specific RC vehicle.
  2. Be consistent with the accelerator; minimize hard starts and sudden stops by electing to drive your vehicle for longer, more regular periods of time.
  3. Place your batteries in “Store Mode” at least once every month.

Are Traxxas Batteries Worth It?

Yes, Traxxas Power Cells are worth the money for RC enthusiasts and hobbyists who utilize Traxxas Battery Basics to maintain them safely and properly. These basics empower you to choose the ideal power source for any brand of RC car, prolong the life of that power source, and stay on the track for longer.

Are Traxxas Batteries Waterproof?

No, Traxxas Batteries are not waterproof, only water resistant.

Keep Your Traxxas RC Running Longer with RC Superstore

Traxxas is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industry products, such as cars, monster trucks, and RC accessories. Unsurprisingly, they have a lot to offer when it comes to their Power Cells.

Fortunately, whether you’re looking to purchase new Traxxas iD batteries or replace an old EZ-Peak charger, we have what you need at RC Superstore. For help using the battery application guide for Traxxas Power Cells to keep your RC racing for longer, reach out to our team today.