AFX 4-Lane Slot Car Track Bridge Support - 6 pack

  • AFX 4-Lane Slot Car Track Bridge Support - 6 pack
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Model: AFX8713
This is a set of six AFX 4-Lane Slot Car Track Bridge Supports. Create a multi-level track using the outstanding four lane bridge support that comes in our most popular four lane set: the Super International. Fully adjustable and designed specifically to work with any AFX straight or curved track, this support lets you build a sturdy, multi level 4 lane track in double quick time.

With our stacking column design you can lift your track almost as high as you like or as low as 1/2”. This makes it possible to create a super stable, gradual ramp up to your desired height. And the carefully engineered cross-member attaches easily and securely to the track pieces so that they stay in place even in an earthquake. OK - probably not in an earthquake. But maybe!

The 4-Lane Bridge Support package comes with 6 complete supports and includes 6 cross-members and 24 stacking column segments.


Amount of rise (floor to bottom of track): Minimum: ½” Maximum: Unlimited
Type of base: Free standing
Number of supports in package: 6
Number of Pylons per package: 24

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