Traxxas High-Current Battery Connector Plug Set (Male/Female)

  • Traxxas High-Current Battery Connector Plug Set (Male/Female)
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Model: TRA3060

This is a Traxxas Male/Female High-Current Battery Connector Set (Plugs only, no wires).

The Traxxas High-Current Connector defines the new standard for efficiency, ease of use, and high-current handling for real-world use.  Large, textured surfaces on the plug bodies are easy for fingers to grip and the clever reverse-polarity protection makes Traxxas Connectors virtually impossible to plug in backwards.  Shrouded wire connections eliminate the extra steps to install heat shrink tubing.  Beefy, gold-plated copper terminals with large, spring-loaded contact areas ensure a perfect connection every time.  Even after thousands of uses, Traxxas Connectors maintain their precision feel and incredibly low resistance.


  • Shrouded wire connections (no shrink tube required)
  • Wide surface area, gold-plated terminals
  • Reverse polarity protection makes it impossible to connect backwards
  • Textured surface for easy gripping
  • Compatible with high-current 12-gauge wire
  • Secure, positive locking spring loaded terminals for consistent contact
  • Multiple locking barbs keep terminals secure

One black female plastic connector
One black male plastic connector
Two sets of gold metal pins
Instruction sheet

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