RPM White/Dyeable Gear Cover for Associated RC10, RC10 Classic, RC10T

  • RPM White/Dyeable Gear Cover for Associated RC10, RC10 Classic, RC10T
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Model: RPM70081
This is the RPM White/Dyeable Gear Cover for Associated RC10, RC10 Classic, and RC10T only. Does not fit B2, B3, T2, T3, etc versions.

The original RC10 from Associated is what got the RPM brand started 20+ years ago. With the release of the RC10 Classic, they’ve received enough demand to bring back one of our staple products from back then. However, we’ve stepped it up and instead of re-releasing an old part, we’ve completely revamped our “new” gear cover to modern spec’s.

This new version has smoother contours than the original, completely seals off the gear case from dirt and debris and has added clearance in several areas. Our “new” gear cover has a larger, taller area for bigger pinions than the stock gear cover and the spur area has been expanded to allow the use of the VTS slipper clutch from Associated. Each RPM RC10 & RC10T Classic Gear Cover comes with our oversized, soft gear cover plug (originally designed 20+ years ago and still going strong) for easy access to the slipper clutch lock nut while still maintaining a superb seal against dirt and debris.

Collectors of RPM parts will be pleased since the resemblance between our new gear cover and the original RPM Gear Cover bear almost no common features, making them distinctly different in appearance. However, in response to feedback from the RPM Facebook page, we will only be offering them in a dyeable white for that nostalgic feel. If you want one in black, you’ll have to do it the old school way and dye it yourself.

Tech Notes: RPM RC10 & RC10T Gear Covers only work on the RC10, RC10 Classic & RC10T. They will not fit later iterations of the RC10 such as the B2, B3, etc., nor will they fit later versions of the RC10T such as the T2, T3, etc. Maximum spur gear size is 81T when used with 6 gear transmissions and 87T when used with Stealth transmissions.

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