RPM Body Savers for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S & 6S

  • RPM Body Savers for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S & 6S (80552)
  • RPM Body Savers for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S & 6S (80552)
  • RPM Body Savers for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S & 6S (80552)
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Model: RPM80552

This is the RPM Body Saver Set for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S and 6S trucks.  With the size and weight of the X-Maxx slamming on the body, it's bound to pull the screws through at some point.  This upgrade repairs damaged bodies, or prevents them from ever breaking to start with.  These are a must-have for serious bashers.  The body saver set is compatible with all Traxxas 7711-series bodies.

The clipless body mounting system Traxxas uses on the X-Maxx is a handy system to have but it tends to have one fatal flaw - the mounting screw holes crack easily, rendering those expensive new bodies useless fairly quickly. If you’ve managed to pull any of your body mounting screws through the body or if you think it’s about to happen, we have the perfect solution to save you from ugly, thick body washers or worse, buying a new body for $100!

RPM Body Savers for the X-Maxx are a simple, yet clever solution to solve that problem. Out front, they look like molded hood vents (2) and A/C vents (2) while in the rear, they look like exposed sections of riveted metal (2). It’s a perfect way to camouflage their intended purpose and yet still keep the body firmly attached.

The way they work is straightforward and twofold. Out front, they work similarly to oversized washers, yet have significantly more surface area than most washers, without detracting from the looks of your favorite ride. Out back, there are two pairs of screws holding the sub-frame of the body mounting system to the body. Our rear Body Savers tie two pairs of screws together, dispersing the pressure of holding the body to the sub-frame over a wide area of the body. Even if the bottom of the mounting holes in the body are completely ripped out from prior crashes, our system still works!

RPM Body Savers are molded in black from our ultra strong, engineering grade nylons for unmatched performance and are sold with enough Body Savers to protect the entire vehicle.

Tech Notes: RPM Body Savers are tested to work with Traxxas #7711, #7711A & #7717G, #7711R & #7711X bodies only. They have not been tested nor are they guaranteed to work with any other Traxxas or aftermarket bodies.

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