Racers Edge SureCharge 1500 AC 1-3S 5-Amp LiPo/Life Balance Charger

  • Racers Edge SureCharge 1500 AC 1-3S 5-Amp LiPo/Life Balance Charger
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Model: RCESC1500

This is the Racers Edge SureCharge 1500 AC 1-3 Cell 5-Amp LiPo/Life Balance Charger with Deans and Traxxas High-Current Charge Leads.

The SureCharge 1500 uses the most advanced Lithium charging and balancing technology to get the most out of your Li-Po & Life-Po battery packs. The adjustable charging rate, from 1amp to 5amps, will easily take care of everything from 1/10th,12th and 1/18th scale packs down to receiver and transmitter packs. With the integrated JST-XH balance ports the most common 2 and 3 cell Lithium packs are easily maintained properly for the longest possible cycle life. The included true branded Traxxas HC and Deans charging leads means that you will not need to build any custom adapters to get up and going. AC power capability, built in balance charging technology, and adjustable 1amp to 5amp charge rates in a small, convenient, inexpensive package make the SureCharge 1500 the perfect choice for the brand new or experienced hobbyist.


  • 10-bit AD voltage detection and calculation
  • Balance Charges 1-3S LiPo / LiFe battery pack
  • Built-in balance charge with balance ports for batteries with the standard JST-XH balance plug
  • Selectable Fast Charge / Charge mode
  • Selectable charge rate (1A, 2A, 3A, 5A)
  • Automatic memory of the last charge rate setting
  • LED light and beeper to indicate the charge status
  • Reverse polarity and output reverse protection
  • With low-voltage warning alarm (DC 10V)
  • AC Operation - Input voltage AC-110V
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Deans Charging Adapter Included
  • Traxxas HC Charging Adapter Included
  • Balance Charge Only-Will not charge without balance ports plugged in
  • 5 year conditional warranty

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