Hitec HS-55 Sub-Micro Universal Servo

  • Hitec HS-55 Sub-Micro Universal Servo
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Model: HRC31055S

This is the Hitec HS-55 Sub-Micro Feather Servo with a universal connector for use with Hitec, JR, Futaba, and Airtronics radio systems.  The HS-55 has a very slim case and is extremely light-weight.  These are great for steering 1/18 vehicles like the Mini-T (w/use of aftermarket radio) and Mini-T Pro, Itsy Bitsy Spyder, etc.

Universal connector
Very slim case and light-weight for mounting in small airplanes, electrics or gliders, where very high speed and good torque are critical.
One of the slimmest micro servos available.
High-strength resin gear train provides reliable operation.

One HS-55 Servo w/pre-installed small X-shaped servo horn and screw
One very small straight servo horn
One 1.7 x 3mm servo horn screw
One small straight servo horn
Two 1.7 x 7mm servo mounting screws

At 4.8 Volts
Speed:         0.17 Sec at 60 degrees
Output Torque: 15.27 oz/in (1.1 kg/cm)
Weight:        0.27 oz (7.8 g)
Length:        0.89" (22.8mm)
Width:         0.45" (11.6mm)
Height:        0.94" (24mm)

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