Futaba S9405 Coreless High Torque Ball Bearing Servo

  • Futaba S9405 Coreless High Torque Ball Bearing Servo
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Model: FUTM0098

This is a Futaba S9405 Servo.  This works well with 1/8 Scale Nitro Cars and Trucks.  The S9405 produces 100 oz/in of torque at 6V.  It has the standard Futaba 1-Year Warranty.

Coreless motor (smoother and stronger than standard servo motors)
High torque
Dual ball bearings
Grommets that protect the internal components from dust and water damage
This is a partial metal gear servo (has 2 metal gears)

One servo with J connector
One small round horn
One large round horn
One X-shape horn
One 6-arm horn
One accessory package
Warranty card

Speed: .14 sec/60 deg @ 4.8V -  .11 sec/60 deg @ 6V
Torque: 80 oz-in @ 4.8V -  100 oz-in @ 6V
Weight: 1.9 oz
Length: 1.6"
Width:   .8"
Height: 1.5"

Why choose a coreless servo?  A conventional servo motor has a steel core armature wrapped with wire that spins inside the magnets. In a coreless design, the armature uses a thin wire mesh that forms a cup that spins around the outside of the magnet eliminating the
heavy steel core. This design results in smoother operation and faster response time.

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