Evolution .61NX Glow Engine w/Muffler

  • Evolution .61NX Glow Engine w/Muffler
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Model: EVOE0611

This is the Evolution .61NX Glow-Powered Engine and Muffler.  The Evolution .61NX replaced the popular .61NT engine. This redesigned engine incorporates a new combustion chamber design that increases the compression and power of the engine. Its improved combustion chamber design and higher compression ratio result in more power at the same weight as the original. Along with the internal engineering updates, the .61NX sports a sleek external case. With improved performance and looks, the .61NX will be a great option for modelers looking to power their .60-size airplanes.  Factor in the preset SetRight™ needle valves and no-fuss start-up unique to all Evolution engines, and you’ve got a no-nonsense performer guaranteed to strike a spark with any sport or performance pilot.

Key Features

  • Redesigned cylinder head design for even greater power
  • Same ease of use and reliability
  • True ABC piston and cylinder construction for more performance and longer engine life
  • Includes optional SetRight™ needle valves for easy starting and great performance
  • Rear needle valve provides safe, easy adjustments
  • Dual ball bearing supported crankshaft extends engine life and improves reliability

Displacement: .61 cu in (10.0cc)
Bore: .94 in
Stroke: .86 in
Cylinders: Single
Total Weight: 25.44 oz
Engine (Only) Weight: 20.32 oz
Muffler Weight: 5.12 oz
Crankshaft Threads: 5/16x24
Benchmark Prop: 12x6 @ 12,000 rpm
Prop Range: 11x7 - 13x7
RPM Range: 2000 to 17,000
Fuel: 10% - 30% Nitro
Mounting Dimensions: 100mm (H) x 52mm (W) x 102mm (L)
Muffler Type: Cast
Cylinder Type: ABC
Carb Type: Barrel, with two needles
Crank Type: Ball Bearing

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