Dynamite LiPo Cell Voltage Checker for up to 6S Batteries

  • Dynamite LiPo Cell Voltage Checker for up to 6S Batteries
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Model: DYN4071
This is the Dynamite LiPo Cell Voltage Checker for 1S to 6S Batteries equipped with a JST-XH type balance connector. The Dynamite Li-Po Cell Voltage Checker provides enthusiasts with an easy method of checking the voltage of an entire Li-Po pack or individual Li-Po cell. The unit checks the voltage of packs up to 6S and connects to the battery using the battery balance lead. Measuring the voltage of Li-Po battery packs can help identify performance problems with each pack and, in turn, help prevent problems associated with voltage decreases.


  • Easily identify the performance of cell in a Li-Po pack by reading voltage draw
  • Large, digital LED display shows output voltage
  • Unit checks and displays the voltage of the overall pack and then each cell individually up to 6S
  • Compatible with JST-XH type balance connectors
Note: to be used with Thunder Power or Losi batteries, you will need a balance plug adapter to allow the JST-XH end of the tester to plug into those

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