Duratrax 12-Tip Multi-Driver Tool (Blue)

  • Duratrax 12-Tip Multi-Driver Tool (Blue)
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Model: DTXR1165
This is the Duratrax 12-Tip Multi-Driver Hex Wrench and Screwdriver Tool. It includes the following screwdriver and allen wrench tips: 1.5mm Slotted, 2.5mm Slotted, 00 Phillips, 0 Phillips, .050" Hex, 1/16" Hex, 5/64" Hex, 3/32" Hex, 1.5mm Hex, 2.0mm Hex, 2.5mm Hex, and 3.0mm Hex.


  • Ideal for use with cars, trucks and mini helicopters
  • Most common hex/allen sizes for many RC vehicles
  • Two very small phillips and two flat blade drivers sized perfectly for mini helicopters
  • Machined anodized aluminum handle with hardened steel drivers
  • Stores six shanks in the handle, with different tips on each end - 12 total ends
  • End cap rotates to select the desired tip
  • Adjustable tip length allows greater torque or longer reach
  • Hex shaped handle resists rolling on the workbench


Aluminum Handle
Tip Sizes:
1.5mm Slotted
2.5mm Slotted
00 Phillips
0 Phillips
.050" Hex
1/16" Hex
5/64" Hex
3/32" Hex
1.5mm Hex
2.0mm Hex
2.5mm Hex
3.0mm Hex


Handle Length: 4" (1002mm)

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