RC Car Body Kits and Paint

Customize Your RC Cars & Trucks

If you enjoy creating and customizing your own remote control vehicles, you will find everything you need with RC Superstore, including bodies and paint. RC Superstore is a leading provider of remote control cars, parts, accessories, body kits and much more. Take advantage of RC truck bodies and create your own monster truck with personalized touches or simply upgrade your ride with a unique paint job.

Do you have a favorite real-life race team or sponsor? Feel free to find the right kind of paint and other accoutrements you need to put together a vehicle that looks just like the one from your favorite team.

For that matter, you might want to experiment a little and create your own custom fantasy designs that might never make it in the prototype, but can rule the track in your own world. RC car bodies and paint can assist with the image.

RC Truck Bodies & Paint

Take one look at the collection of RC truck bodies available to you, and you’ll quickly find that the body design engineers have been very busy. Some of these are designed to look like classic vehicles, such as the Pro-Line Ford F-100 body for Traxxas Stampede. It looks just like a 1966 off-road monster truck, which in many ways predates the advent of modern monster trucks.

Others are somewhat fantastical creations that look like little more than a splash of color. Consider the Hawaiian painted body for your Traxxas Rustler or Slash if you’re ever in the mood to stand out.

Tamiya’s paint products for Lexan bodies have always been popular with those who want to give their vehicles the best possible coating. While you might be tempted to use standard consumer-grade spray paint, this is often a bad idea since the compounds in it could be harmful to the special plastic polymers they use when making RC truck shells.

You may also not be able to find the wide variety of colors you can when working with this kind of purpose-made paint that’s specifically designed with remote control model enthusiasts in mind. Those who really want to customize their vehicles might consider a host of other additional scale accessories that can make RC trucks look even more like the real thing.

Custom RC Body Kits, Parts & Accessories

Find RC car body kits and accessories at discount prices every time you shop with RC Superstore. From Pro-Line bodies to high-quality Traxxas painted bodies, you’ll find many options to choose from when doing upgrades or scale builds.

Other products that give you the ability to customize your ride include airbrush sets, wide bumper sets, body decals, and extended front and rear body mounts. You can recreate your favorite vintage car, or design a brand new one.

Finding The RC Body Parts You Need From RC Superstore

RC Superstore is proud to bring high-quality and affordable RC products to each of our customers. We want to ensure that our customers enjoy the hobby no matter the skill set. All you have to do is get in touch with our representatives.

Once you’ve found the RC body parts and paint colors you need, don’t hesitate to contact RC Superstore online and let us know more about what you’re looking for. If you can’t find the right gear, then we’d be more than happy to help.