The Top Six Accessories For Your Traxxas X-Maxx

Posted by RC Superstore on 5th Apr 2022

The Traxxas X-Maxx is a serious machine, an apex predator in the RC world. RC Superstore has the accessories you need to max out your build and impress friends and competition with improved performance and looks. Increased speed, more durable and capable performance, easy maintenance and more are all just a few clicks away.

The Top Six Accessories for Your Traxxas X-Maxx

1. Traxxas 14.8V 4S 6700mAh LiPo w/ID Connector

Traxxas 14.8V 4S 6700mAh LiPo w/ID Connector

Big trucks need big power. This 6700mAh battery provides all the power your 8S X-Maxx will need, and is a popular choice for those craving speed--two of these inside your build will push you over 50MPH! (You need to run two identical batteries in your X-Maxx to achieve this--so be sure to buy them in pairs!) Plus, it's always good to have spares around for when you're charging but still want to run your truck. Durable, powerful, and ready to rock, these batteries will take your build to the next level.

2. Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Dual ID Charger 200W for LiPo & NiMH

Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Dual ID Charger 200W for LiPo & NiMH

If big trucks need big power, you're going to need a big charger. The EZ-Peak is capable of charging two 4S batteries at once, making sure you stay running without delay. Plus, it's compatible with a wide variety of batteries, so you can maintain other builds along with your X-Maxx. It even connects to your smartphone for unprecedented amounts of data and total control over charging. Built-in USB ports add convenience, keeping your space tidy. The new MAXX charge feature can charge one of your batteries in half the time--delivering up to 16 amps and automatically switching sides when needed. With the Traxxas iD feature, all you need to do is plug in a compatible iD battery, press a button, and return to a perfectly charged battery, no hassle and no adjustments.

3. Pro-Line X-Maxx Badlands MX43 Pre-Mounted on Pro-Loc Impulse Black/Grey Wheels

Pro-Line X-Maxx Badlands MX43 Pre-Mounted on Pro-Loc Impulse Black/Grey Wheels

Make a major performance and cosmetic upgrade with these massively over-engineered tires from Pro-Line. Sporting an aggressive motocross-inspired appearance and an amazing combo of new technologies, these tires have been developed from the ground up for extreme X-Maxx punishment. with an all-new ultra-durable compound that prevents tire ballooning even at high speeds, you can keep running longer and harder than ever before. The Badlands MX43 features ground-breaking proprietary Pro-Loc technology that creates an ultra-secure bond to the Impulse Pro-Loc X-MAXX wheels while still being removable when required. This is a true all-terrain tire that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose dirt, mud or grass. Replacement tires are available, so you'll never run out of enjoyment.

4. Traxxas Tool Set w/Pouch - Hex Drivers, Screw Drivers, Nut Drivers & Wrench

Traxxas Tool Set w/Pouch - Hex Drivers, Screw Drivers, Nut Drivers & Wrench

Whether you're just starting your X-Maxx journey or have been running hard for a while, it's always good to have another set of tools on hand. This kit is specifically built for Traxxas and includes the essentials you'll need to keep your truck running in the field. It includes six Allen/Hex drivers, five nut drivers, three Phillips head screwdrivers, three flat-head screw drivers, and an dual-end open-ended wrench--all stored neatly in a durable zippered case. Make sure you're always ready to roll with this affordable, useful kit.

5. Traxxas Link Bluetooth Wireless Module 6511

Traxxas Link Bluetooth Wireless Module 6511

Equip the Traxxas Link Wireless Module with your Traxxas TQi controller to unlock exciting features such as instant Bluetooth connectivity and access to the full range of powerful TQi tuning and telemetry tools through an intuitive high-definition graphical interface. Have a friend remotely monitor real-time telemetry while you focus on driving! Your co-driver can even make adjustments for you remotely. The module is compatible with iOS and Android and many devices. The Traxxas Link App collects and records real-time telemetry data as you drive. When you equip your build with telemetry sensors, the Traxxas Link dashboard shows you speed, battery voltage, RPM, and temperature. The application automatically detects and recognizes Traxxas Link sensors for easy set up and configuration. Combine the wireless module with the app and take your racing to the max!

6. Traxxas X-Maxx Complete LED Light Kit with #6590 HV Power Amplifier

Traxxas X-Maxx Complete LED Light Kit with #6590 HV Power Amplifier

Light up your X-Maxx with this incredibly cool and multi-functional lighting kit. Featuring front and rear light bars and fully functioning forward/reverse brake lights, this kit already has the competition beat. Add customizable lighting modes and control from the Traxxas Link app and the awesomeness only grows. Fully waterproof and ruggedized, and featuring all the mounting and wiring hardware you need, this complete package is simple to install and use. Upgrade your build for night driving or just to show off!

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