RC Tire Guide: How To Measure RC Tires

29th Apr 2021

Similar to their full-size counterparts, radio-controlled cars rely on wheels and tires attached to the chassis in order to roll across surfaces. The tires are the only parts of RC cars that actually make contact with the surface. This is why RC pilots should be aware of the wide variety of sizes and treads available to them.

For the most part, the range of RC tire sizes mirrors the range of the real-life cars they are modeled after. This explains the variety. You can get specific performance from some types of tires, but you must know the adequate sizes for your model.

RC Tire Determination

With full-size tires, you can usually look up their size engraved on the rubber walls, but this is generally not the case with RC tires. There is not enough space to include this information. If you have the manual that came with your RC model, you are all set. You can find the information there.

As for looking up the RC brand and model on the chassis parts, this will seldom work because manufacturers tend to work with interchangeable parts; however, if you are able to discern the model, you might be able to find a tire size match by searching for it on our website. If none of these options work, the next steps would involve measuring the rims or getting in touch with us for additional help.

Measuring Your RC Car Tires

Measuring Your RC Car Tires

You will need a precision caliper to determine the width of the rim; an inch ruler will not give accurate measurements, which will in turn result in a trial-and-error search for RC tires. Dividing the width by two will get you the radius of the tires, which is how they are sold.

Some rock crawlers and monster trucks have larger rear-wheel rims, which means that you will need to complete two measurements. There is another consideration for these rugged RC models, and that is the offset of the hexagonal mounting slots.

The distance of the interior hex from the inside of the rim will also determine the size of RC tires you need. If you are able to get these measurements along with photos of your RC car, preferably the chassis and axle parts, our staff members should be able to help. Our contact link is below.

Learn More About RC Tires From The RC Superstore

At the RC Superstore, we stock our warehouse with everything from short course tires to buggy wheels and from bead lock to off-road treading. The right tires can make a significant difference in terms of RC piloting performance.

Should you have questions about wheels and tires for your RC car models, please do not hesitate about getting in touch with our sales specialists. That is why we invite you to take a good look at our online catalog. Let us know if you wish to learn more about our brands, products, or shipping process.