Jump into RC Boating This Summer

Posted by RC Superstore on 24th May 2022

You know RC Superstore is your best source for Traxxas  RC cars, trucks, and accessories, but we also carry a great line of Traxxas RC boats for a ripping time out on the water! With cabin and cottage season already started, why not dip into the excitement of RC boating?

The world of RC Boating is a big one, from tiny toy boats to massive, scale-model warships. Yes, RC boats even simulate naval battles! RC boat racing is popular in warm areas with lots of water, and there is even an affiliate member of the International Sailing Federation that governs radio sailing. Powerboat racing follows many of the same rules as its full-size inspiration and is closely monitored and regulated.

Model warship battles are an international club activity. Models are incredibly complex, and many types of combat and sortie variations are practiced. Most of these RC boats—perhaps better called RC ships—are fully custom and even include bilge pumps and multiple types of cannon.

While RC Superstore doesn’t carry scale warships (sorry, battle fans), we do carry several great Traxxas models that are ready to kick your time on and around the water into high gear.

Traxxas DCB M41 40-Inch Brushless Catamaran Ready-to-Race Boat w/TSM

From the description: Traxxas has faithfully captured the incredible looks and performance of the DCB M41 in a detailed scale replica that is versatile, fun, and fast. The catamaran hull has been accurately reproduced to deliver the speed, stability, and confidence that the full-size M41 is famous for, allowing you to have fun wherever your marine adventures take you. The M41 replica is equally at home blasting across the waves at the lake on a fun run or exploiting its 50+mph speed on a favorite stretch of smooth water. The razor-sharp handling lets you carve turns with authority and precision and yet, offers easy control while cruising by the shore.

Traxxas Spartan VXL-6S Brushless Race Boat w/TSM

From the description: The howling fury of 50+ mph across the water on optional 6S LiPo power will make even the most insatiable, power-hungry enthusiasts jump up and take notice. Simply put, Spartan is your boat! Everything about it means business: the super-rigid, 36-inch deep-V hull; smooth, cable-drive efficiency; innovative water-cooling system; and precision aluminum and stainless steel drive controls. The clean, modern hull design is built up in layers for maximum rigidity where it matters most, the transom and ride pad. The integrated battery trays securely hold a variety of battery configurations - from 6-cell Power Cell NiMH packs to 3S LiPos. Ride trim is easily adjusted by positioning the packs fore and aft using the convenient hook and loop straps that secure the batteries. The optimized rudder configuration carves amazing full throttle turns.

Traxxas Blast Electric RC Boat w/ID Battery & Quick Charger

From the description: The Traxxas Blast is engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive. The installed water-cooling system for the motor helps keeps the Blast cool for longer run times and all-day fun. With the waterproof, fully proportional Nautica electronic speed control, waterproof high-torque servo, and the patented watertight receiver box, the lakeside fun doesn't end early because of wet radio gear. The Blast is always ready to make waves with its stable 24-inch deep-V hull, a stylish hatch, fresh new graphics, and powerful water-cooled Stinger 20-turn modified motor. The steerable outdrive with adjustable trim delivers precise control and high-performance tuning options. Blast delivers Traxxas speed, fun, and quality with a feature list you might not expect from such an affordable boat. The price makes it easy to double the fun by purchasing two for realistic offshore racing action.

RC Superstore also offers these great boats with accessory packages to increase speed and convenience, or we have experts that can recommend the best accessories for beginners and experienced racers alike.

Once you’re sure that you’ve found a great boat for summer fun, RC Superstore will get you on the water with remote-controlled fun. Ready to make a splash?  Reach out to our team today.