AFX Tri-Power Module Transformer

  • AFX Tri-Power Module Transformer
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Model: AFX8822

This is the AFX Tri-Power Module Transformer. This is a direct replacement for all AFX/Tomy race sets. The Tri-Power module allows the user to adjust the voltage (8v,12v, or 22v) to suit the skill level and the type of cars that are running on the track. The Tri-Power module is rated at 1-amp. This helps reduce and eliminate power surges on the track. The three levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. As drivers advance, you simply flip the switch up to the next power level.

The three levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. So you can get the hang of racing without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack. The levels work like this:

Beginner: Cars will stay on the track through about 90% to 100%* of the turns at full throttle
Intermediate: Cars will stay on the track through about 60% to 70%* of the turns at full throttle
Expert: You are on your own!
* Depending on track layout

And there is something else that sets the Tri-Power Pack apart from the crowd. It features more amperage than any other set-based power pack. On shorter tracks that pretty much eliminates the power surge one car can get when the other car crashes. Even on long tracks, the surge is reduced significantly.

With Tri-Power Pack parents can race with their younger children without the child crashing all the time. And what about those birthday parties when you have a lot of children with different skill levels? The Tri-Power Pack lets them race and all the players get to enjoy themselves.

Bottom line: Tri-Power Pack adds a lot of fun to an already great hobby. Leave it to AFX to bring it to you.

Key Features

  • 3 power levels instead of 1 - Lets new drivers learn to race without the frustration
  • 3 times more amperage - no more power surge when one car goes off the track
  • Standard AFX power plug - Works with any AFX set, old or new
  • Simple power slide switch - Easy to switch between Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert
  • Wall pack design - Just plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go
  • Solid State design - Durable and reliable
  • AFX Directional Power Plug - lets you change direction with a flip of the plug

Input: 120v AC 60Hz
Output: 8v DC @1.0A (Beginner)
12v DC @1.0A (Intermediate)
22v DC @1.0A (Expert)

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