Venom 7.2v 5000mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery Pack

  • Venom 7.2v 5000mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery Pack
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Model: VEN1548

This is the Venom 7.2v 5000mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery Pack with the Venom plug system.  This setup allows you to use the battery with Traxxas, Tamiya, Deans, and EC3 connectors.


Pushing the envelope of Sub C size battery technology, Venom is proud to provide the 7.2v 6-Cell 5000mah NiMH Battery Pack. The Venom 5000mah Battery Pack is built using the latest Quad Welding technology for superior strength and optimum power. The 5000mah Battery Pack delivers the PUNCH and RUN TIME for maximum performance demanded by R/C enthusiasts.

Today's four most common battery plugs, Tamiya, Traxxas, Deans and EC3 lack inter-connectivity between themselves. Venom's revolutionary battery plug system features an easy to use, fool-proof interface that allows you to quickly convert batteries between any of the four most popular plug types. Venom Plugs deliver the power and flexibility you demand. One plug, four connections, one easy solution.

Type: NiMH
Capacity: 5000 mAh
Voltage: 7.2V
Connector Type: Venom Plug System
Weight: 14.4 oz (408g)
Configuration: 6-Cell
Length: 5.39 in (137mm)
Width: 1.77 in (45.0mm)
Height: 0.94 in (23.9mm)

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