RPM Black Rear A-Arms for HPI Blitz, Blitz ESE, Firestorm, E-Firestorm

  • RPM Black Rear A-Arms for HPI Blitz, Blitz ESE, Firestorm, E-Firestorm
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Model: RPM82242
These are the RPM Black Rear A-Arms for HPI Blitz, Blitz ESE, Firestorm 10T, E-Firestorm, and E-Firestorm Flux. Box-stock, the Blitz is quite a rugged truck but hard-core racers and bashers are managing to find its weaknesses. That’s where RPM steps in. RPM A-arms for the HPI Blitz, Firestorm RTR, E-Firestorm & E-Firestorm Flux are designed to eliminate those minor weaknesses in these otherwise strong competitors. Our goals were simple: Make them strong, make them slop-free and make them look great on the truck. Mission accomplished!

Strength is always a number one priority when RPM designs aftermarket parts for any vehicle. By increasing the thickness of the material around both the inner and outer hinge pins, splitting A-arms at the hinge pins will be a thing of the past. We also focused on the hinge pin retaining system used on the stock A-arms. Using a small screw hole so close to the hinge pin like the stock arms do weakens the A-arms at that point. We moved the hinge pin retaining screws in-line with the hinge pins, significantly strengthening our A-arms in the process.

Our next objective - eliminate the slop - was a simple matter of using closely controlled materials processing and tight mold tolerances to allow a free moving suspension system without unnecessary free play. RPM tightened the sizes around the hinge pins and eliminated fore and aft movement at the inner and outer hinge pins. The end result is a suspension system that will hold camber and toe settings nearly perfect, even under the toughest of conditions.

Our final objective - to create a great looking set of suspension arms - came from RPM's standard practice of beveling the leading and trailing edges of the A-arms. The 30-degree angles create a slim profile, which not only looks great but also cuts through the dirt and air to help reduce overall drag. Form and function, all rolled into one!

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