RPM Black Mini Front Bumper for Associated GT2, B4 & T4

  • RPM Black Mini Front Bumper for Associated GT2, B4 & T4
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Model: RPM80232
This is the RPM Black Mini Front Bumper for the Team Associated GT2, B4, and T4 trucks and buggies.

Race oriented Associated GT2, B4 & T4 owners prefer lightweight, yet effective parts. Weighing in at a mere 5-3/4 grams, it is small in size but big on performance. Our mini bumper is 30% thicker than the stock skid plate providing tons of extra skid and impact resistance. The RPM mini bumper extends in front of the vehicle and curves up into a 2” wide bumper that actually performs as a bumper. It protects both the chassis and the hinge pins from frontal impacts and acts as a low-friction skid plate.

Similar to our #80042 & #80045 Wide Front Bumpers, our mini bumpers also use all four bulkhead mounting screws to disperse impacts over a larger area reducing transferred impact forces by over half! As a finishing touch, our mini bumpers have recessed mounting holes so all those nasty scrapes and crashes will be absorbed by the bumper, not the screws! These bumpers mount using stock, existing hardware. For all out bash-proof, crash-proof protection, we recommend our Wide Front Bumpers #80042 & #80045.

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