E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly

  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
  • E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic Biplane Bind-N-Fly
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Model: EFL10850
This is the E-Flite Ultimate 2 Bind-N-Fly Basic Biplane. The E-flite Ultimate 2 biplane is the ideal choice for pilots looking for the ultimate aerobatic experience. This new park flyer by world-class pilot, Mike McConville, is the synergy of a highly-tuned airframe and modern aerodynamics.

All you need to start flying the Ultimate 2 is a full-range 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum DSM2/DSMX technology, a 2200mAh 3S 25C 11.1V Li-Po flight battery and suitable charger.


  • AS3X technology with SAFE Panic Recovery mode
  • Highly-tuned airframe by Mike McConville
  • Distinctive trim scheme by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design
  • Vortex generators to enhance 3D performance
  • Spektrum 6-channel AR636A DSMX receiver (installed)
  • Powerful 10-size brushless power system (installed)
  • E-flite 40-amp brushless ESC (installed)
  • Accepts 3S 2200mAh Li-Po battery packs
  • 4x 13-gram micro servos (installed)
  • Constructed with durable Z-Foam material
  • Lightweight design with 3D-size control surfaces
  • Tinted canopy provides a sport-scale appearance
  • Matching wheel pants and aluminum main gear
While the Ultimate biplane made a historic impression with the full-scale community, the RC aerobatic crowd turned the aerobatic sensation into a blockbuster. Its revolutionary lines were unmistakable and the exhilarating performance it offered created a generation of aerobatic thrill seekers with a profound respect for airplanes with two wings. With the modern benefits of Z-Foam material and electric power clearly in mind, world-class designer and pilot Mike McConville has revisited the Ultimate platform to deliver a park flyer with everything the original had to offer, and more.

A high power-to-weight ratio, plus high-quality components help deliver a new biplane with an aggressive 3D flight personality. Four enormous ailerons offer blinding roll speed while the massive elevator and rudder surfaces can make spin and snap gyrations as wild looking as they are predictable. The included AR636A receiver takes a great-flying airframe to a whole new level of precision thanks to AS3X technology that’s been specially tuned for this model. If you don’t quite pull off a maneuver, like a rolling harrier, Panic Recovery mode adds a virtual safety net that can return the Ultimate 2 to upright flight.

Technology that makes Aerobatics More Satisfying

The advanced AS3X (Artificial Stabilization - 3-aXis) system built into the Spektrum 6-channel AR636A receiver is what helps give the E-flite Ultimate 2 an incredibly solid look and feel in the air. It works behind the scenes to help counter the effects of wind and turbulence by combining 3-axis sensing with specially tuned flight control software. As a result, a highly-tuned design like the Ultimate 2 is made even better because your workload to fly smoothly is significantly reduced. In addition to AS3X, the Ultimate 2 includes Panic Recovery mode, a feature of SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology that allows you to try new maneuvers without worrying about losing your airplane. Just push the panic button and the Ultimate² will instantly return to level flight.

Tool-Free Field Assembly
With simple push-pin connections for the struts and one thumb screw in each wing, putting the Ultimate 2 together is a snap.

AR636A Receiver
The installed Spektrum 6-channel receiver features uncompromised DSMX 2.4GHz control, the amazing flight stability of AS3X technology plus the SAFE technology virtual safety net of Panic Recovery.

Brushless Power
Under the sleek cowl is a powerful 10-size brushless power system that features the fast throttle response of 1250Kv wind and a 40-amp brushless ESC.

3D-Size Control Surfaces
Four enormous ailerons, massive elevators and a huge rudder help you enjoy instant response at even slow airspeeds. Vortex generators near the leading edge also enhance 3D performance.

Z-Foam Material
Exclusive Z-Foam material makes it possible to create a design that’s lightweight and surprisingly durable. Any repairs are simple to make with just about any fast-setting glue.


Wingspan: 37.6 in (954.4 mm)
Overall Length: 42.6 in (1082.3mm)
Wing Area: 519 sq. in. (33.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.3kg)
Motor Size: BL10 Brushless Outrunner
Radio: Full Range DSMX 6 channel computer radio (minimum)
Recommended Battery: 3S 2200mAh 25C (minimum)


Full-range 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum DSM2/DSMX technology
3S 2200mAh Flight battery with EC3 connector (EFLB32003S30)

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