Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)

  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
  • Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone (Green)
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Model: BLH7380T2
This is the Blade Zeyrok Bind-N-Fly Quadcopter Drone with the Green Body. The Blade Zeyrok drone is a durable quadcopter the beginner pilot can't beat. Brilliant LED status lights and SAFE technology make flying easy.

  • Fully assembled, no building necessary
  • SAFE technology makes flying simple
  • Incredibly durable, lightweight unibody airframe
  • Optional remote control 720p/1.3MP camera (sold separately)
  • Maintenance free enclosed rotor drive system
  • Large 750mAh 1S Li-Po flight battery and convenient USB charger
  • Brilliant LED orientation lights with status indication
  • Removable skids with integrated camera pod
There's nothing like the exhilarating feeling you get during your first flight with a drone. That's why the Blade brand has been in the rotor wing business - because flying a great aircraft keeps that exhilaration alive. Using decades of combined experience, the Blade team has engineered great designs that harness new technology so that you can experience success on the first flight and beyond. Today, exclusive SAFE technology and the all new Zeyrok quadcopter is poised to help you become a great RC pilot, plus have fun of exploring aerial photography and video all at the same time.

The Blade Zeyrok quadcopter is the ideal drone for new pilots and anyone who wants a fun flying experience. Based on a proven power system, its next-gen airframe has been industrial engineered to have a futuristic concept-appearance that's incredibly durable. But you'll have no trouble keeping it together. That's because the SAFE system of the Zeyrok drone is designed with multiple flight modes to provide the kind of confidence-building flying characteristics that makes lift-off as smooth as possible. As a result, you can rock from beginner to expert drone pilot at the pace that's right for you. Flying indoors or out, the Zeyrok drone is your ticket to having a blast with a quadcopter.

SAFE Technology

The Blade Zeyrok drone features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that's custom tuned with intuitive flight modes that help anyone fly with confidence.

Stability mode: Pitch and roll limits are locked to offer a limited flight envelope while electronic self-leveling offers positive stability the instant you release the sticks.

Stagility mode: Self-leveling and flight envelope limits are maintained. You can flip 360-degrees by moving control stick to full in any direction.

Agility mode: A high performance flight experience that features unlimited maneuverability and the control to explore aerobatic flight.

Durable Design
Available in brilliant yellow or vibrant green, the industrial engineered plastic airframe provides a level of durability that can withstand a remarkable level of abuse. The next-gen futuristic appearance of the Zeyrok drone is the creative expertise of Mirco Pecorari at Aircraft Studio Design.

LED Lights
Front and rear LED lights brilliantly provide orientation recognition. Illumination changes indicate camera operation and a low-battery status.

Low Maintenance

The streamlined rotor system features carbon-fiber motor shafts and an internal design for practically maintenance-free operation.

Long Flight Times

The 750mAh 1S Li-Po flight battery can provide flight times of up to 10-minutes. Its high capacity allows it to run the flight system and optional remote controlled HD camera.

Bind-N-Fly Convenience
This Bind-N-Fly version of the Zeyrok is perfect for pilots already owning a transmitter. This is the Bind-N-Fly version (without HD Camera) that will work great with a long list of available 5+ channel multi-function transmitters equipped with genuine Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX technology.

Type: Multi-Rotor
Gross Weight: 3.77 oz (107g)
Length: 7.87 in (200mm); 9.45 in (240mm) diagonal (motor to motor)

5+ channel multi-function transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX technology

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