Auto World 14' Zombie Escape HO Slot Car Race Set

  • Auto World 14' Zombie Escape HO Slot Car Race Set
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Model: AWC-SRS323
This is the Auto World 14-Foot Zombie Escape HO Slot Car Race Set. The horrific scenario of a zombie apocalypse HAS happened… And its YOU against them! The undead have taken control of New York City and according to the National Laboratory scientists you must escape NOW!

The spread of a “zombie virus” is expanding and scientific “interventions” that could save humanity are slim. Tests have confirmed this worst-case scenario… Authorities can field little resistance. These aren’t your everyday “slow-poke” zombies. Thev’ve retained enough brain power to sprint, climb and even commandeer city cabs in their quest to satisfy their hunger.

In a city overrun with the undead you’ll need a serious machine to assist in your escape… You’ll need the “Creep Sweeper”! This armored rally styled racer can out-run and out-ram anything the apocalypse can throw at it.


HO Scale (1:64)
X-Traction Ultra-G Chassis
Large 14 Feet of Track - Multiple Track Layout Options
Two EXCLUSIVE 1:64 Scale Slot Cars - “Creep Sweeper” Escape Vehicle and “Times-Up” Taxi Cab
Two variable speed controllers and AC power pack
Six Glow-in-the-Dark Zombie Figures
Lady Liberty Cardboard Standup and “Zombie Zone” Barricades
Fully Compatible with Tomy/AFX

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