Air Filter Complete: TMX 2.5

  • Air Filter Complete: TMX 2.5
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Model: TRA5260

This is the Traxxas Air Filter Housing for the T-Maxx 2.5. This attaches to the throat of the carburetor.

Black plastic air filter housing with cover screen and changeable element
Rubber angled neck for filter
Rubber adapter for filter
Zip tie for fastening

One screened filter
One rubber straight neck
One rubber adapter
One zip tie

TRX 2.5 engine or any carburetor that has a 14mm or 13mm outer carb throat opening

Diameter: 1.5" (39mm)
Height: 2.4" (60mm) including rubber adapter
Diameter of carb adapter: 0.53" (13.5mm)
Length of zip tie: 4.7" (120mm)

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