AFX Track Pack Slot Car Expansion Set - 26 Feet

  • AFX Track Pack Slot Car Expansion Set - 26 Feet
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Model: AFX21045

This is the AFX Track Pack Slot Car Expansion Set with a full 26 Feet of track to expand your layout! The Track Pack includes 11x 15-inch straights, 3x 9-inch squeezes, 6x 12-inch radius curves, and 6x 15-inch radius curves, as well as 8x guardrails, and 6x low bridge supports! Add this to any existing AFX slot car set for additional run-time!

Finally, a package of our most popular and hard to find track and accessories in one box! And compared to buying them individually, you can save 50% or more. Convenience and savings - what a concept!

Designed to be combined with our existing sets, using their cars, controllers and power packs, the Track Pack multiplies the fun by letting you build many more track layouts.

We specially included 6 each of our hard to find 12 and 15 big radius curves so that you can build smooth, flowing, fun to drive layouts. These curves also match up nicely with the curves that typically come in our complete sets to make it easy to build 4 lane layouts.

Add bridge supports, guardrails and squeeze track sections and you got a great way to turn your small track into a large one for less money!


  • Top Quality AFX track - Best track ever made for HO scale  copied but never equaled!
  • 26 feet of track - Turns the smallest AFX set (Infinity: 8.5 running feet) into one of the largest (34.5 running feet)
  • Includes 6 of the AFX 15 big radius curves - More fun to drive and only available from AFX!
  • Extra Bridge Supports - Turn a single level layout into a two level for more action in less space!
  • Compatible with AFX Pit Stop Holographic Theater - Like all branded AFX track
  • And, oh yeah - Saves you money!


26 Running Feet of Track
(6) 15″ Radius Curves
(6) 12” Radius Curves
(11) 15” Straight Tracks
(3) 9” Squeeze Tracks
(8) Guardrails
(6) Low Bridge Supports

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