Slot Cars

Would you prefer a stock car or an open-wheel racer if you were going to take your pick? that question isn’t all that easy to answer for most scale slot car drivers, because there are just so many great models out there. Some people might prefer to race something that looks like a vehicle they cheered on to the checkered flag in real life while others might instead prefer something that fits a certain collector’s profile.

Fortunately, we’ve made sure to stock a little bit of everything to suit everyone’s racing tastes.

RC Superstore is proud to bring customers the very best, highest quality slot cars available for sale. Our online hobby store is family-owned and operated and aims to provide each customer with exactly what they are looking for. Hobbyists who shop with us can find a large selection of slot cars and slot car racing tracks for sale which allows you to create your very own racing stadium. Slot car racing is sure to provide you with that real racing thrill that you can enjoy for hours! From the AFX Super International to the Muscle Car Shootout race track set, RC Superstore has a variety to suit the needs of families and avid enthusiasts alike.

Have a look at all of these potential options.

Top Slot Cars For Serious Racers

Check out these cars and see which best fits your layout and track.

Auto World 1967 Chevrolet Corvette

If you’re looking for a genuine ho scale vehicle that’s compatible with tracks made by everyone from Tyco to aurora, then you’ll want to look into these auto world model of a prized 1967 chevy corvette complete with blower thunder jet flames and a classic pancake design. those who are into retro slot car racing are certainly going to love the ultra-g-style chassis assembly, which isn’t something that you see much on modern vehicles any longer.

1967 Scalextric Ferrari 412p

Fans of real-world racing would love the chance to get behind the scale model wheel of this 1967 Daytona car, which finished the brands hatch six-hour endurance race in seventh place. Richard Attwood and David Piper were able to drive the entire 500 kilometers themselves even if they were never able to match the pace of the chaparral that won that year. If you place this on your 1/32 analog track layout, then you might have the chance to rewrite history and see your favorite vehicle win.

Afx Chevy Camaro Ss350

Those who want performance, as well as history, are going to want to check into this Camaro model from AFX, which has all the grip and speed needed to match the prototype that it was based on. AFX’s engineers changed out the entire slot car system these cars work with, upgrading them to mega g+ technology in the process. This helped to drastically improve their handling characteristics while also helping drivers approach their maximum top speed that much faster.

Limited Edition Shelby Cobra Russkit

Mega g fans will also appreciate this vehicle, which is based on one of Carroll Shelby’s famous designs. He became known for his involvement with both the cobra and the mustang. Now you’re able to bring this level of sophistication to your track while also keeping your rolling stock upgraded with all of the latest real-world modeling technologies. You’re not going to fall behind, but you’ll still be able to celebrate the past in the process. these vehicles were expected to be quite popular, hence they were made on a limited edition basis.

Discover Ready-to-Use Slot Cars & Tracks

RC Superstore carries a massive selection HO scale slot car sets from AFX, the undisputed leader in HO slot car racing. Purchase additional track sections to customize your track layouts. In addition, you will find AFX tri-power module transformers, replacement hand controls, and tune-up kits that will make your slot car experience all the more enjoyable. Best of all, these top industry products are available at every day affordable prices.

No matter what kind of slot cars you might be looking for, make sure to contact us online today and let us know more about your favorite vehicles. We’ll help you find that unusual piece for your collection that you can’t seem to get anywhere else.