RC LiPo Batteries, Chargers, & Connectors

Battery packs have powered decades of fun for remote control enthusiasts. There was a time when the RC hobby was split between gas-powered and battery-powered vehicles, boats, and aircraft; this divide was based on the greater horsepower that could be generated by fuel-burning engines, but times have significantly changed thanks to major advances in battery technology. These days, battery-powered RC models can easily compete against those equipped with engines, and the hobby has become more efficient with batteries that can hold their charge a lot longer.

RC Battery Connectors

Seasoned RC drivers and pilots will tell you that the hobby has been thoroughly transformed by advanced electric motors, which generally require less hours spent at the workbench. One important aspect of the battery-powered RC world is centered around battery connectors, and this is something all RC pilots need to become familiar with. You know how modern smartphones will often lose functionality at the charging connector port? A similar situation happens with RC models, and it calls for pilots to become familiar with changing battery connectors. The level of hands-on maintenance these batteries need is not as involved as changing spark plugs and cleaning the carburetors of gas-powered RC models.

RC batteries would be of little use without the proper RC battery connector to discharge power. Browse our selection of battery connectors from the popular banana plug adapter (4mm bullet) to Deans Ultra Plugs or Traxxas battery Male Connectors that require a small soldering job.

RC Lipo Battery Connectors

RC LiPo batteries, short for Lithium Polymer, are the undisputed choice for electric RC cars, trucks, and aircraft due to their light weight, impressive power capacity and high-discharge rate to power even the most demanding trucks, boats, electric planes and drones. We also carry nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries as well as in-stock nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries.

Fully-assembled battery charging leads are available as well; these parts do not require soldering and are available for several RC models. Contact our knowledgeable team today with questions or for RC battery shopping assistance. Remember, RC LiPo batteries need proper care when it comes to charging, discharging and storage. Follow the instructions and your remote control battery will live a long and useful life.

RC Battery Adapters

The RC Superstore has the best selection at prices you can’t pass up! Whether you’re looking for a replacement battery for a RC car, truck, boat, airplane, or multi-rotor helicopter, we have the battery you’re looking for in the perfect shape and size. We have expanded our catalog to include advanced products such as the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 12-Amp ID Charger, which you can control from your smartphone by means of a mobile app and a Bluetooth connection. We even carry accessories like the Common Sense LiPo Safe Pocket Charging and Storage Bag, which can hold multiple batteries and connectors, thus making it ideal for long outdoor RC sessions or tournaments.

Some RC models will only accept battery adapters and connectors that must be soldered. You can search for online soldering tutorials. Keep in mind that you only want to cut one wire at a time when soldering, and that you should use the adequate amount of flux when preparing the surface area of the table or workbench. Please get in touch with our store in case you have questions about our products or the ordering process.

  • Common Sense Tarantula V2 8-in-1 Charging Adapter

    Common Sense Tarantula V2 8-in-1 Charging Adapter

    This is the Common Sense RC Tarantula V2 8-in-1 Charging Adapter. This is the perfect choice for guys who need a few of the most common car and aircraft adapters!The Tarantula 8-in-1 charging adapter features an EC3 and XT60 connector (plus others listed...
  • Hot Racing Battery Plug & Connector Soldering Jig

    Hot Racing Battery Plug & Connector Soldering Jig

    This is the Hot Racing Battery Plug and Connector Soldering Jig. Ideal for soldering many types of RC connector, this jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases these connectors for your soldering tasks.Jig clamp holds the most common RC...
  • Hot Racing Pro Connector Soldering Jig

    Hot Racing Pro Connector Soldering Jig

    This is the Hot Racing Pro Connector Soldering Jig. This tool is ideal for soldering and all types RC connectors. The jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases these connectors for your soldering tasks.Jig clamp holds the most RC connectors,...