RC Car Transmitters, Radios, Servos & Receivers

Take a moment to imagine that you’re out on the racetrack and are absolutely tearing up the competition. All of a sudden, your car sputters out of control because of a problem with its transmitter or servos.

Fortunately, you could avoid this kind of scenario by making sure to stock ample replacement parts. In addition, regularly check the RC vehicle transmitter, radios, and servos. A simple check of your equipment can save a lot of heartache at the track.

RC Car Receiver

Operate your RC vehicles effectively with high-performance products that truly stand apart from the rest. You may also shop high-quality remote control transmitters such as our options from Futaba and Traxxas. Other selections include RC car and airplane servos from Traxxas, Savox, Futaba, and Hitec. Each offers varying degrees of torque and speed. From mighty minis to ultra-high torque and high-speed servos, there are plenty of options to suit your model.

Embedded deep inside every remote control car is a receiver. The receiver module interprets the digital signal sent by your transmitter and turns it into an impulse that adjusts the servo motor. That’s precisely how you’re able to control your car without needing wires strung between the handheld radio unit and the vehicle itself.

Eventually, these parts go bad and you’ll naturally want to eventually start to experiment with various custom configurations. Regardless of the reasons you need some spares, you’ll certainly want to look over a collection of receivers. Browse all of the other electronic accessories that go with them.

RC Transmitter

Perhaps the more obvious component is the radio transmitter. You’re going to want to invest in a viable controller that’s 100 percent compatible with the car that you drive. Fortunately, those who drive Traxxas RC cars have things easy.

All of the Traxxas components are designed to map directly to specific models. Futaba RC radios are also popular. Their compatibility features make it easy to find exactly the right part for the job. Match radio remote controllers with suitable transmitters.

Servos For RC Cars

While they might not be the most flashy parts, servos respond to these signals sent by the remotes. Then they actuate the internal motor to give you some positive momentum. As a result, they’re arguably the single most important component to have on hand. If you plan to keep your car driving further, stock up on servos.

Do you want to replace an anemic servo or keep a few around for your own miniature pit crew? There is always plenty in our collection. You might even want to stock some spare digital servos for each time you head off to the racetrack. That way you’ll never be without the ability to keep your car on the track.

Keep Your RC Vehicle Running Longer With RC Superstore Supplies

Whether you’re searching for an RC car transmitter or RC airplane servos, we carry them all and more. As a family-owned and operated business since 2002, RC Superstore aims to provide all customers with the very best products. We select them from top manufacturers in the industry. In addition, take advantage of everyday low prices that won’t stretch your budget.
Need help finding a specific part or accessory? Contact us using our online form to speak with one of our RC specialists today! Our RC hobbyist website also specializes in parts, accessories and remote control cars for drivers of all ages. Spend more time enjoying the thrill and excitement of your RC vehicle.

  • Spektrum H6010 Digital Heli Servo

    Spektrum H6010 Digital Heli Servo

    This is the Spektrum H6010 Digital Heli Servo. Features 100 oz-in torque at 6V Brass-nylon gear train Dual ball-bearing output shaft Overview The H6010 combines an impressive 100 oz-in of torque with a rugged brass-nylon gear train. This performance,...
  • Hobbico 72 MHz Radio Frequency Checker Antenna

    Hobbico 72 MHz Radio Frequency Checker Antenna

    This is the Frequency Checker Antenna for the Hobbico 72MHz Frequency Checker. FEATURES: Increases the operational range of the Frequency Checker to 1000ft (305m) maximum INCLUDES: One Hobbico 72MHz Frequency Checker Antenna REQUIRES: Plugging into...
  • Traxxas 2060 Micro Servo: Revo

    Traxxas 2060 Micro Servo: Revo

    This is the Micro Servo for the Traxxas Revo Truck, TRAC71**.  This is the servo than connects to the shift linkage. FEATURES:Fits in the Left Electronics Box and controls shifting of the 2-speed transmission INCLUDES:One Micro Servo with Standard...
  • Spektrum Flight Log

    Spektrum Flight Log

    This is the Spektrum Flight Log.  Spektrum’s Flight Log is a unique tool that allows you to view the performance of your radio system like never before.  With the revolutionary Flight Log, you can now quickly and easily view the real-time...
  • Hitec HS-225BB Mighty Mini BB Universal Servo

    Hitec HS-225BB Mighty Mini BB Universal Servo

    This is the Hitec HS-225BB Mighty Mini Universal Ball-Bearing Servo.  This servo has a universal connector, which means it will work with Futaba, JR, Hitec, and Airtronics Z style radios.  The servo lead on this servo is about 10" long. The...
  • Ernst Servo Wire Security Clips (2)

    Ernst Servo Wire Security Clips (2)

    This is a package of two Ernst Security Clips for use with Futaba.  Ernst #115 Security Clip will hold your Futaba male/female radio connections firmly together.  This eliminates the danger of radio connections coming loose during flight.
  • Spektrum Glitch Buster Receiver Voltage Protector

    Spektrum Glitch Buster Receiver Voltage Protector

    This is the Spektrum Receiver Voltage Protector. Spektrum's Voltage Protector prevents a DSM receiver's voltage from dropping below the proper operating level in lower voltage applications such as 4-cell 1/12 carpet racers. Installation is as simple as...