Gas and Nitro Remote Control Car Engines

Do you want to experience the thrill of driving a remote control vehicle that’s got some real power and sound behind it? Nitro and gas engines are a great way to bring the hobby alive. The sound of a high-revving nitro engine is hard to beat, and it is a great option for hobbyists looking to test their tuning and mechanical skills.

Traxxas Engines And Parts

At RC Superstore, we always make sure to have a healthy collection of these parts in stock so you can keep your own RC gas engines running, or find a drop-in replacement that can get you up to speed faster than you ever thought possible. See what you can do with our selection of nitro engines.

As with everything from the Traxxas brand, you’re likely to find top-quality replacement parts and upgrades if you search for nitro gas engines under their name. Their engineers have long dedicated themselves to ensuring that you can mix and match components in any number of different ways.

No matter what kind of surface you’re racing on, RC gas engines are a fun alternative to the prevalent electric vehicles available today. That makes them coveted by long-time drivers and those who like to tinker on small engines.

Traxxas Air Filters

Considering that nitro gas engines are essentially model editions of genuine internal combustion engines, you’re going to need Traxxas air filter oil for your model to continue to perform like it did when it was new.. You’ll want to keep an extra bottle on hand in case you want to do a quick cleaning or filter swap out at the track.

Aluminum Tuned Exhaust Pipe

Just like air filters,tuned exhaust pipes do the same job in the model that they would on an actual car or truck. When you’re dealing with a real engine, you’re going to need to deal with real engine parts. Since these are made from aluminum, they should be able to hold up to a fair amount of regular wear and tear that you’re likely to experience when on the track.

20 Percent Nitro RC Car Gas

Naturally, you won’t be going very far without RC car gas. Traxxas sells Top Fuel Power Plus formula by the bottle. It contains 20 percent genuine nitromethane per quart, which makes it the perfect blend for use in Traxxas nitro cars and trucks..

Piston and Sleeve

After running several gallons of fuel through a nitro engine, you may need to rebuild it to maintain peak performance. The TRX 3.3 piston and sleeve allow you to do just that. This set will help restore the horsepower of the 3.3 engine in your Revo, T-Maxx, Slayer or other truck. It is also a good idea to have a few spare glow plugs on hand. The Traxxas Super Duty Glow Plug is our top choice for Traxxas 2.5 and 3.3 nitro engines.

Find the RC Gas Engines You Need to Dominate the Race Course At RC Superstore

RC Superstore is ready to help you hit the road. Our experts know how to help you hook up nitro gas engines to your vehicle and enable you to have optimal radio control. You can trust our parts and expertise on nitro gas.

Use our online contact form to get in touch with us. Our experienced representatives will help you find an assembly that fits your vehicle and might even help you shave a few seconds off of each curve.

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    DuBro Kwik Start XL Glow Igniter w/Charger

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    DuBro Inline Aluminum Fuel Filter (Silver)

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