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Real FX 1/32 Carbon Black Extreme Car
Real FX 1/32 Carbon Black Extreme Car

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This is the Real FX 1/32 Carbon Black Extreme Car for use with RealFX race tracks.


  • Carbon Black Color Racecar
  • Race against AI competitors without needing a mobile app
  • 2.4GHz Radio Systems with integrated sound system
  • Digitally proportional controls
No slots, No Lanes, No Limits! RealFX is the only racing system that gives you the freedom and control to OVERTAKE ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, using your racing skills. No need to be restricted by an out-dated slot or lane system.

For the first time ever, race REALISTICALLY at scale speeds of up to 180 mph. Modeled upon the physics of real driving. No slots. No lanes. Fully proportional steering control across the entire track gives you full control (and the ability to drive back on if you spin off)!

RealFX Cars have sensors that read the track over 200x a second in real time & communicate position and response with the handset. RealFX "AI Assist" helps you to stay on the track, but you’ve got to use your skill to be the fastest driver in the race! Overtake your opponents, deal with track hazards and comply with pit- stop call-ins. For single player mode, RealFX AI "Pace Car" means you can practice and refine your racing moves against a virtual opponent whenever you want.

RealFX is your gateway to a whole new world of racing. The cars are future-proofed for ‘smart’ body shells, and handsets can load new software as easily as a console. Add in a highly customizable track system, and the future just arrived.

Patented RealFX Sensor-Track system consists of flexible, durable & lightweight race track sections, Easy to set up. Easy to take down. Easy to store. Build over 40 different track layouts from the 20 parts included in the Starter Set, in just minutes.

Add optional track extension packs and let your race-tracks match your imagination. RealFX AI means your cars can read whatever race-track you throw in front of them. No need for you or the cars to learn. No need for Apps or downloads - Just build & RACE!