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HPI Savage X Reverse Gearbox Module
HPI Savage X Reverse Gearbox Module

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Fits Savage X, XL, 21, 25, and Savage SS trucks

This is the HPI Reverse Module with Mixer for the Savage X, XL, 21, 25, and Savage SS trucks.  This allows you to add reverse to the truck, while still using the stock radio, or any 2-channel radio system.  These is a great way to add reverse at a low price!  Just add a standard servo and you are set to be backing out of trouble whenever you need to!

Adds two speeds of reverse to the Savage X, XL, and all versions of the HPI Savage truck series
Module plugs directly into transmission
Mixer plugs into standard two channel receiver
To engage reverse, hold throttle in full brake position for three seconds
Safer than a 3-channel setup because it prevents drivetrain damage by not allowing reverse to engage while moving forward

Includes: Reverse module, electronic mixer with universal connector and linkage set

Requires: Standard servo