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Dromida Ominus UAV Ready-to-Fly RC Quadcopter
Dromida Ominus UAV Ready-to-Fly RC Quadcopter Drone

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This is the Dromida Ominus UAV Ready-to-Fly Electric RC Quadcopter with 2.4GHz radio, 700mAh LiPo battery pack, and USB-powered charger. It also comes with a full set of replacement propellers. The Ominus is super durable, and has a ton of great features that make it an absolute blast for beginners. Everything needed to fly it is included! Check out the video at the bottom to see the Ominus in action!

Crash it, bash it, smash it, trash it, and watch it come back for more. The Ominus is the unstoppable robotic menace of other quad's worst nightmares, but it will fly like a dream for you. Gyro stabilization, four flight modes, high-powered motors, intense LEDs - it's all here to help you get the most out of every flight.

This is the quad all experience levels:
  • This is the quad for beginners - it's almost impossible to break and comes with a host of great flying features.
  • This is the quad for intermediate flyers - it gives you just enough help to ensure flawless flights while delivering the power you need for sick stunts.
  • This is the quad for experts - it's big, it's bold, you can switch off flight assistance and revel in the pure power.
  • This is the quad for YOU.

Ominus features include:

  • Fully assembled quadcopter
  • Extreme durability and flight capabilities
  • Multiple Flight Modes - Beginner, Normal, Advanced and Expert
  • Long Flight Times - 12-15 minutes
  • Auto Flip Button - One button is all you need to pull off pro-style flips quick!
  • Vibrant LED lights
  • Available in four different colors
  • Advanced stabilization system with three-axis gyros and three-axis accelerometers - Gyros stabilize your heli in pitch, yaw, and roll plus compensating for unwanted motion on any axis. You can activate or deactivate all flight assistance with one transmitter button.
  • On-board LED low battery indicator
  • 700mAh 3.7v 1S LiPo battery
  • High-Output USB fast charger
  • 2.4Ghz radio system
  • Extra set of blades

Ominus includes:

  • Fully assembled quadcopter
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery and USB charger
  • AAA batteries
  • Extra set of blades


Length: 9.4 in (238 mm)
Weight: 3.6 oz (101g)

Requires: Nothing!